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I have given you several requests over the months. I don’t have Photoshop, and I have no interest in making my own website. But rather than asking you to make one, i may like to take a shot at writing my own. If I write a story and give a link to a pic, would you be willing to put it together and post it? Or do you have a suggestion on what an occasional amateur like me could do?

Looking back over my requests I can see a couple of yours are in the pipeline. Usually if I don’t fulfil a request it’s because I’m not inspired or I can’t find the perfect picture. Or, more recently, between my work and my family obligations I don’t have a lot of free time. Also, have you all seen this new tv show called Game of Thrones? I think I’m pronouncing that correctly.

To answer the rest of your questions: Absolutely! If you have a story and images you’d like me to put together send it to me at bodyswapstories [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll post it.

As for other sites,Β OpenTGCaptions originally started off as a way for people to suggest stories to regular cappers but MT is thinking about changing it to be a site where anyone can put up captions.Β Rachel’s HavenΒ is essentially a community message board where you can trade caps, or just read work done by others. Membership is free but I think you can log on as a guest.

For image editing I use Gimp instead of Photoshop, it’s free but it takes some time to learn, it’s not very intuitive. So if you want to make your own full caps without paying for Photshop you can try that.

Thanks for reading, following and commenting!


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  1. I’ll try the opentgcaptions when I get a chance, I took a second look not realizing you could create posts from the pics provided, thanks!

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