Request: Could you please create some caption series that a policeman was sent to swap body with the mistress of mob boss to deep cover but the mistress turn the table around and take over policeman’s life. For example,the mistress hold the criminal evidence of the man who send the policeman and agree to give out all the mob boss criminal evidence if she can get policeman’s life, so the deal done.This is because the mistress is tried of mob boss and her own life ,and she want to start over.Now the policeman is living as the mistress and the mistress is enjoying his life in his home,with his wife!

Hmm, not totally happy with this one but here it is anyway.


  1. I really like this one. The double-cross is just too perfect and the look on the young girl’s face, in the picture, fit the story nicely.


  2. Wow, that’s a bummer for Eddie if he gets in trouble! Maybe on the way to the station Eddie can make Doug an offer… 😉 I hope Eddie can get used to his sexy little body!

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