Broke into the old apartment

Request: Taylor lives in the same apartment building as Will who had a crush on her, and they swap bodies. She starts feeling attracted to her old body, and sneaks into her old apartment to find Will in her body masturbating.

One night, Taylor and Will -- the guy in the apartment below her who had a crush on her -- were on the rooftop deck of their building when a strange comet passed overhead. It sent a wave of dizziness through her and when she blinked it away she discovered that she'd swapped bodies with Will.
They panicked at first, Taylor staring down at herself, feeling the strange larger size of her body and the cock dangling between her legs. Neither had any idea what to do and it grew later and later until finally, exhausted, they went to each other's apartments for the night.
Taylor had a hard time sleeping. She tossed and turned, restless for something. Will's strange cock between her legs grew hard and she couldn't help touching it, marveling at the solid warmth. She stroked herself, thinking about how much she wanted to be back in her former body, which grew to thinking about how much she wanted her new cock to be inside her former body. A fierce urgency grew in her, concentrated at the base of her dick. Soon she came in her bed, her new dick throbbing between her fingers, spurting hot cum down one leg. Finally, her thoughts calmed and she slept.
When Taylor woke the next morning she was horny again, and snuck down to her old apartment, letting herself in quietly with the spare key. She heard some light gasps and followed them to find Will in the hallway, balancing on his toes as he stroked his pussy and sucked on a finger.
Taylor could hardly complain after what she'd done in Will's body. And watching her former self squatting there, pussy lips spread and wet, made her hard. Will didn't even notice her until she knelt between his legs and began helping him out with her tongue. He didn't complain, just cried out with a growing urgency until he came.

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