Body Swap with Marusya 4

Body Swap with Marusya part 4

As requested from several people, this part contains urination, but NOT pee play. This is about as far as I’m going to go with that.

I wobble towards the door in my heels. Ok, I just have to not think about it and let Marusya’s body take over. I think about the night ahead. What am I doing? Nervous. Excited. Anxious. Walking very well in heels now.

I open the door and find Aleksandra, or Sasha as Marusya calls her apparently, waiting for me. Her mid-length dark hair frames her thin face. An arc of hair catches the light and falls sexily, and deliberately, over one eye. Her red dress falls down to just above her knee high boots leaving enough to the imagination to make people, well, me, dying to see more.

“Pupsa!” she yells, her face breaking into a grin as she pulls me in for a quick peck on the cheek. My cute nose briefly presses against her smooth cheek and I catch a bit of her perfume: candy and anticipation. Maybe the anticipation is mine.

I step back and look at her while she grins at me, curling the fallen slash of hair back behind her ear. Her sharp nose gives her face a pointed, sexy look. She radiates confidence and control. I want to see her naked.

“You ready?” she asks.

I am.


On the ride to the club I manage to fake my way through a conversation. Bits I remembered from Marusya’s notes, bits I make up. Twice she gives me an odd look and I manage to change the subject.

We get to the club and walk to the front of the line. It’s easy to forget about walking and let Marusya’s body take over. I’m too busy watching the guys in line as they stare at me. At Marusya’s body. This open staring is new to me but I like it. I flip my hair back and I can practically feel the gazes on my ass as it sways back and forth under my slinky dress. Shit, I’d stare at me. In fact I already have.

I follow Sasha’s lead and we cute, young girls have no trouble getting in. It’s crowded, lots of music and flashing lights. I hope it gives me cover as I try to adjust my dress which has started to ride up my ass. We stake out an area near the dance floor. I take a seat, carefully crossing my sexy legs. I’m beginning to rethink the dress, Marusya’s body looks hot as hell in it but I’m having a hard time moving around.

Sasha disappears for drinks and I look around, trying and occasionally failing to sit like a woman. I keep wanting to put my legs down.

Sasha soon returns with drinks…and two men, one blond, one dark haired.

“Marusya, this is Dmitry,” she points to the blond one, “And this is Leo.”Β The dark haired guy looks at me and I can’t help but notice his piercing blue eyes, his clean shaven, one would say almost chiseled jaw. A part of me, the Marusya part of me, gets warm and flustered.

“I’m…Nice to meet you.” I manage. Sasha flashes me a quick smile and hands me a drink with a pinkish hue.

“Courtesy of Leo,” she says.

“And me.” Dmitry pipes up.

“Da, da, and you.” Sasha smiles.

We talk and drink. Leo gets me another. It’s going right to my head. Whatever I’m drinking tastes both too sweet and just right. The more I drink the more it tastes just right. Marusya’s body overpowering my mind maybe?

Leo’s talking again. I lean forward to hear him, aware that I’m giving him a look down my dress but I kind of don’t care. I want to hear his warm voice in my ear. Feel his strong hands on my body.

I’ve only had two drinks but I realize I have to pee. I squeeze my legs tighter while laughing with Leo. My bladder becomes more insistent. Apparently Marusya’s body can’t hold as much. I stand and excuse myself, Sasha catches my eye and we both head off for the toilets.

There’s a line. Of course there’s a line. My bladder’s sending urgent messages. It seems that every beat of the bass from the dance floor sends another sharp reminder that I really have to pee.

Sasha asks me about Leo. I demur, try to change the subject but she insists.

“He’s nice,” I say finally, “And his eyes are amazing.”

Fortunately a stall opens up and I practically hobble in. I turn to close the door and Sasha’s right behind me. In the stall. I pause and she says, “You go first, you look like you need it.”

I don’t care at this point. I pull up the dress, slide down my panties and sit while Sasha pesters me about Leo again. She’s looking at me but my bladder’s insistent. Urgent. It doesn’t care who’s watching.

The stream of urine blasts into the toilet with a surprising amount of force, echoing off the porcelain. I feel like everyone in the room can hear it. I briefly look down at myself, still amazed at this pussy I’ve got as the stream gradually tapers off and I have sweet relief. I tell Sasha about Leo. About his eyes. His smile. God, I think I like him.

Sasha giggles, knowingly.




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