Body Swap with Marusya 3

Body Swap With Marusya Part 3


I towel my hair dry as much as possible while I return to Marusya’s room, still naked and still very much enjoying the sway of her ass. I find her phone and scroll through the messages with one delicate thumb, easily being able to read the Russian writing. Obviously some part of my brain is Marusya and some part is, well, me.

I don’t want to go out alone, but Marusya must have a friend who likes to go out and they must text each other. I pick up her phone and there’s already a text from an Aleksandra:

Want to go out and get crazy tonight. Come with!

I look in the mirror above Marusya’s wardrobe. Marusya’s face stares back and I turn my head this way and that, examining my delicate new features. I run my hands down my face, marveling at the soft smoothness. I also ponder what the hell I’m going to do about makeup. I know I should probably wear some, but I have no idea where to start.

I text: Yes! Meet my place at 10?

I have no idea where anything is, hopefully she’ll take the lead. Hell, I don’t even know where I am. I exchanged notes with Marusya before the swap so I make a note to look for my address.

She responds: OK C U at 10.

That gives me over two hours to figure out makeup. And hair. And find out what I know about Aleksandra.YouTube should help for the first two, and Facebook should take care of the latter.

I return to the bathroom with Marusya’s laptop and prop it next to the sink. I open her cupboard and am immediately overwhelmed by the brushes and blush and various creams. I stare at Marusya’s face in the mirror and furrow my brow which makes my nose wrinkle adorably. Goddamn I’m cute. Ok, stay on target. What do I need? No idea. Ok, basic. Let’s go very basic.

Even with the help of various video tutorials it takes me over an hour and a half of trial and error before I get what I think is a passable attempt: light blush, red pouty lips, dark eyelashes. Shit, I’d fuck me.

Now the clothes. I slip on some lacy underwear and look at Marusya’s body in the mirror wiggling her ass. “Hello, ladies” I giggle. I’m starting to get turned on again. I try to take my mind off it by looking through her clothes. After struggling with the bra for a bit, I finally manage to get it on. Next I go for a dress, I’m going to show off these sexy legs. I squeeze into a sexy black number that hugs my body, accentuating my curves.

I stare at the mirror, as I turn this away and that, watching my trim thigh disappear into my dress, which helps show off the firm roundness of my ass. I’ve always been a sucker for women in dresses and I find it’s no different when I’m one.

My hand lightly strokes the inside of my thighs, just below the hemline. I shiver, my short nails bringing out delicious goosebumps all down my tender legs. I bend over and stick out my ass, watching Marusya’s curves in the mirror accentuated by the black dress and continue running my fingers delicately around my thighs and slowly up under my dress. Marusya’s dress bunches up, revealing the taught flesh of her thighs as I let her fingers lightly trail along my panties.

My breath comes faster, my breasts rising and falling with an increasing passion as I gently rub my panties over my warming womanhood. The silky fabric becomes damp with my wetness and I rub faster, turned on by the feeling and by watching the mirror image of Marusya bending over, brow furrowed in pleasure, blonde hair swaying with the rhythm of my body. I rub faster, then push my panties aside and slide a finger inside my slick pussy. A womanly moan escapes my lips as I rub the outside of my clit with the palm of my hand while my finger curls around inside me, pressing up against the other side as I rock back and forth.

The door bell rings. Oh, shit, Aleksandra! I stand up and smooth my dress down. I slide my finger into my mouth and taste myself. Taste Marusya. Delicious. I wish I had time for more. Definitely later. Now, it’s time to go out!


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  1. Pretty brave, going out looking for guys in his first day in her body . . . you aren’t wasting time! lol


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