My girlfriend had always been tomboyish, which complimented my more feminine attitude. The Great Shift actually worked out pretty well for us when we swapped bodies. 
It's not like I didn't miss having a dick, but I took great pride and joy in dressing up my new body. I learned how to style my waterfall of dark hair into complicated curls and buns. My new body looked fantastic in all the girly lingerie my girlfriend bought me. I quickly became an expert in applying makeup and I enjoyed staring into the mirror at my pretty new face as I outlined my plump lips in pink.
As for the other changes about my body, well, I soon adjusted to those as well. I still had the same sexual orientation, and being able to fondle tits anytime I wanted kept me excited and wet. My girlfriend got hard seeing her own dick, and the two of us experimented in our new bodies, each of us teaching the other how to use our new equipment.
My girlfriend snuck up behind me as I finished up my makeup. She gripped my hips and pulled me against her, kissing my neck as I laughed. Her hardon pressed up against my ass and I reached around to give it a little squeeze.
"Careful there, tiger. Dinner first." I said, giving her a quick stroke.
"You know I want to go straight to dessert." She nuzzled my neck and I melted into her, my body buzzing at the feel of her warm, calloused hands gliding around my silky skin. Her fingers teased my entrance and I sighed, spreading myself for her.
Maybe just a little appetizer.

A demon continues his plan of body possession and body swapping to grow his powers in The Devil You Know (Part 2), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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