Another week of the same

"Yes, I'm at your work. Everything's fine," Jake sighed into the phone as the fingers of his other hand explored his new pussy for the tenth time today.
"No questions yet?" His friend's mom asked.
"Nope. All...good," he paused, a delightful shudder coursing through him as he slipped inside his wet warmth, the lips of his new pussy clasping his fingers as he landed on his velvety folds.
"Ok. I've got to go back to class but text me if you need anything."
"Right." Jake bit his lip to stifle a sigh. His body was so warm now and looking down at his friend's mom's tits made him even warmer. "Gotta go. Boss is coming." Jake managed to say before hanging up.
He tossed the phone aside and grabbed his tits as he stroked himself deeper, spreading his wetness up and down his new entrance. His voice rose in pitch as he came, his body shuddering as pleasure flooded him and he sunk his fingers deep into his slick canal.
When the orgasm passed he was left fuzzy and warm. He readjusted his clothes and combed out his silky hair with his fingers, then got back to work. While it was no fun being at work, the masturbation breaks really helped clear his head. It was a good thing he had an office to himself.
Jake hoped his friend's dad wasn't having any luck fixing the machine, because he'd already spent a week staring at and fondling his own tits, and was looking forward to another week of the same.

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