Permanent affair

Permanent affair

Request: Hi, can you do a series where a teenage guy is having a fling with his mother’s best friend and during the middle of sex the great shift occurs, causing them switch bodies. Even months after the great shift they still continue have a sex with each other in each others bodies. Could you also use Nina Hartley images please…. Read more →


No cap today, just a discussion. (First, to Brad, I got your requests don’t worry, I’ll get to it next time I’m in a ‘request mood’ I promise.) Got this today from “Jack”: Sorry this is a question I have. Is this considered homosexual or heterosexual erotica. Thank you. Not to worry, Jack, I’ve often thought about this myself. Speaking… Read more →

Swapping Stone comments

After reading he swapping stone I will buy everything you do if it’s based around guys 15-25 either swapping bodies or transforming into women ages 35-45ish. Glad you enjoyed it! Hey, if you haven’t read The Swapping Stone what are you waiting for? Read Chapter One, then buy the rest of the story here or here. I like variety so… Read more →