Body Switch Collection: Volume 5

Six previously published body switching stories by M. Wills now available on Smashwords or Amazon. This collection includes:

The MILF Pill (M2F Transformation)
When Greg finds his stepfather’s pills that allow someone to transform into a MILF, their previously cold relationship gets a lot hotter as Greg enjoys his temporary form.

Time for an Upgrade (F2F Body Swap)
Kendra still holds a grudge against Dave for the way he dumped her for Lucy as soon as life started looking good. Now her work at an experimental lab has given her the chance to get her revenge, and upgrade her own life in the process.

Stripped (M2F Transformation)
Three young men make an idle wish and are swapped into the bodies of strippers. In order to return to their own lives, they’re forced to compete against each other to see who can pleasure the most customers in a single night.

Get in Here (F2M Body Theft)
Emily’s handsome boss is utterly reliant at her while completely dismissive of women in general. When Emily gets handed a code to a website that lets her swap bodies with her boss, suddenly she gets to play the role of alpha male and teach him his lesson while also having the time of her new life.

Student Teacher (M2F Body Theft)
Chris is a teacher who’s figured out a way to swap bodies with a hot young cheerleader and tries to trick her into going along with his plan until he can make the swap permanent.

Girl Next Door (F2F Body Theft)
Tricia was a good looking ebony woman with a good job, a good life, and a wonderful husband. And then the neighbors’ daughter, Alyssa, stole Tricia’s life by using a strange machine to swap their bodies. The key to swapping back may lie with Alyssa’s boyfriend, and Tricia’s going to have to use her new body to discover all his secrets.


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