Best Friend’s Wedding (M2F Possession)

Drew and Jake used to be best friends, until Missy came along. She was rich and entitled and was responsible for taking Jake away. So Drew hatched a plan to steal her body and take over her life in Best Friend’s Wedding, available on Smashwords and Amazon.

I follow her around the shop as she picks out a variety of options: lacy little things that would barely cover my nipples, wispy fabric that leaves only the outlines of my form, sexy corsets that would lift my tits for Jake to feast on. I know Missy’s size, so the only thing left to do is pick out the right outfit. It’s so hard to choose so in the end I don’t. I buy them all, figuring I’ll try them at home. I hand over Missy’s daddy’s credit card as she begs me not to do this in her head. I know her dad might be a little angry at first, but he won’t be able to stay mad at his little girl once I give him my big doe eyes.

After that I make the rounds to the other shops, buying silk panties here, sheer stockings there, even some skirts that are deliberately too short and a belly shirt one size too small so that it hugs my form and squashes my tits against my chest, making them balloon out into mammoth proportions.

Ugh, Missy scoffs at my choices, That outfit makes me look like some sort of slutty cheerleader.

“Jake’s into that,” I grin. “Or didn’t you know? Did you never dress up for him?” I search her memories and come up empty. “No, you didn’t. Such a prissy, high maintenance bitch. I’m going to be the good little wifey Jake deserves.”

In between shopping I field phone calls about the upcoming wedding: caterers, dressmakers, party planners, florists. I want this wedding to be perfect. A story book wedding to a story book prince. I alternately cajole and beg the people on the phone, solving the various minor problems, working around the shortages of this or the tight schedule of someone else. One thing I admire about Missy is her decisiveness and determination to get what she wants. I let that come through, unafraid to sink into Missy’s bitch mode and throw my money around.

When I’m all shopped out I return to Missy’s store with my purchases, lugging the bags to the changing rooms to to try them on. I spend a happy afternoon slipping into sexy outfits and modeling for myself, enjoying the sight of Missy dressing up. The white, strappy corset is the best. It squeezes my tummy and exaggerates my thighs and hips, turning my already gorgeous figure into one of almost impossible perfection. The white cups hold my breasts up firmly, and the bright fabric contrasts wonderfully against my black hair and bronze complexion. Flashes of skin can be seen through the deliberately spaced gaps in the fabric. The matching panties fit snugly up against my pussy, narrowing into a strip of fabric that barely covers my ass crack, leaving my big round butt cheeks exposed. This is the outfit for Jake.

I unstrap myself, removing the outfit and setting it aside for later. The cool air of the room causes goosebumps to form across my bare skin. I turn and lean both arms against the mirror to examine myself. Missy’s dark chocolate ringlets of hair tickle my shoulders and her breasts jiggle back and forth with each slight motion. The little pink nipples on the end of each are so perfect, and already beginning to spike out beneath my gaze. My plump lips are parted slightly, giving me a dreamy, vacant expression, reinforced by my delicate features and upturned nose. I spread my legs, revealing the thin dark landing strip, the delicate line of my slit, the two pussy lips neatly tucked together. So strange to feel this pussy, to not have my cock dangling from between my legs. I reach down and stroke myself, fingers following the line of my entrance. I shiver slightly, mesmerized by the sight of my body, the fingertips just grazing my sensitive opening.

What are you doing? Missy moans.

I don’t respond, just keep stroking my pussy as the warmth builds within me. Then I slip the tip of a finger inside myself, watching as my pussy wraps around my fingers and lands on my moist, warm folds. I glide slowly, dragging my finger up and down my pussy, feeling Missy’s body inside and out.

Stop that. Stop! Missy cries.

Hearing her beg makes me that much hornier, and soon my nether lips are loose, my fingers gliding up and down across the silky folds, little flashes of pink appearing. My other hand comes to my breast, clutching the perfect skin and hefting the incredible weight in my hands. Pinching my petite nipple drives a sudden gasp from my lips and sends a flare of heat through me, meeting the furnace between my thighs. I stroke my tits again, growing rougher with my new breasts. They’re much less tender than I imagined, and I squeeze harder, fingers dimpling the soft flesh, grabbing big handfuls of Missy’s tits hard enough to hover on the edge of pain. All the while I continue stroking my pussy and now the wet sounds of my slippery cunt hits my ears.

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