Got Yours

The witch had swapped bodies with Mike, and had turned him into what he had derisively called her: a cumdumpster. His new body had an uncontrollable craving for cock. She, Mike was forced to think of himself as a she now, didn’t just want it, she needed it as much and as often as possible. Mike cringed inside but no… Read more →


Doug’s girlfriend, Julia, had recently swapped bodies with him as a punishment for making several cracks about women and Doug was still getting the hang of his new body. It wasn’t easy walking up stairs in heels. He’d almost made it to the top when he slipped and fell. He felt his dress, which was too short to begin with,… Read more →

Teacher Conference

Rob knew that all the shit he pulled in class was going to get him in trouble when his mom met Mr. Dawkins at the parent-teacher conference tonight. Fortunately, he’d stolen a helmet and some sonic implants from his dad’s laboratory that looked just like a pair of earrings. He’d given the earrings to his mom as a “gift” then… Read more →

My Turn

My Turn

  May I please request that a man struggles to posses his shapely neighbor but through the end of the struggle he wins her body. ————————————————————– [Warning: I tend to find possession stories become pretty dark, this one is no exception] As soon as Rich cast the possession spell the world went fuzzy. The world twisted into unrecognizable shapes as… Read more →

Your ass is mine

Hey, honey, do you like the body swap implants I put in both of us as much as I do? Your body feels amazing from the inside! I think I must have adjusted the sensitivity too high, though, because the feeling of my shirt slipping over my shoulders is making my nipples rock hard and taking off my panties is… Read more →