Busted (M2F Transformation)

Jason’s a bully who takes great pride in ruling the school, but things change when he makes fun of the new goth girl’s big chest and she casts a spell on him and his friends, turning them into their own big busted fantasies. She gives them one chance to change back, but they’ll have to fight their new burning desires in Busted, now available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Jason opened his mouth to protest and paused. When Mr. Johnson had stepped closer it was like he’d crossed an invisible barrier. Jason had felt a little electric jolt that caused him to look at the principal with fresh eyes. This dour, pie-faced little man was suddenly the most attractive person Jason had ever seen and his curvy body grew tingly and warm at the attention. It was hard to think of anything other than how that scraggly little mustache would feel between his thighs.

What the fuck was happening to him? Jason blushed and looked down. Mr. Johnson moved even closer and when Jason looked up he was suddenly right there.

“Come on,” Mr. Johnson said, “I’ll lead you out.”

Mr. Johnson’s pupils were wide, and his scratchy voice seemed so perfect, making Jason’s exquisite body tremble. Jason bit his lower lip and nodded demurely before following the dumpy little principal through the hallways and out to the parking lot. Mitch and Brett trailed behind silently. Where they feeling the same thing?

“Ladies,” Mr. Johnson said, clearing his throat and looking at the three of them. He seemed just as flustered as Jason felt, but after a brief pause he turned and walked awkwardly back into school.

After a few seconds Mitch spoke up. “So…are we just gonna wait out here all day?”

“Huh?” Jason asked, shaking his head. Whatever had come over Jason from Mr. Johnson’s proximity had gone. “No. No. We’ll come back at the end of school and find her. Let’s go to your house.”

Mitch’s house was closest, so they all piled into his car. Jason had some difficulty getting into the passenger seat. He certainly wasn’t as elegant as his dress would suggest, and if anyone had been around they would have gotten a good look at his panties as he awkwardly climbed in. Mitch started up the car and Jason looked down at his stacked body again.

There was that huge cleavage, pushed up by his bra into gravity defying mounds. Dangling just on the edge of his vision was his rich red hair. And hovering just on the edge of his thought was the principal. He couldn’t shake the thought of his principal kissing him. A small ember flared to life between his legs just thinking about it. Heedless of Mitch in the driver’s seat beside him, Jason reached up and ran his hand down his neck to his breasts, stroking himself gently. His body was so soft, so elegant. God, he wanted to finger bang the hell out of himself.

He dug his fingers into his skin, grabbing great handfuls of his new tits, dainty fingers dimpling the smooth flesh. His breasts were delightfully firm and fun to play with. He reached down into his bra, cupping himself as best he could, just yearning to feel every inch of his new body as his thoughts refused to turn away from Mr. Johnson or, really, any man. That’s all he wanted. Someone inside him, holding him tight.

Jason hiked up his dress, revealing thick luscious thighs and pale skin. Pulling aside his panties, he trembled as his eyes fell on his little slit. Beautiful. Rich amber pubic hair bordered his little curved lips. He followed the line of his slit with one finger, caressing the coarse hair before dipping down lightly into his opening. God, his body was horny, and he ran his fingers up and down his entrance, wetting himself on his dew as it grew beneath his touch. Mmm, he wiggled his plump ass in his seat, a warming anticipation growing between his thighs. He could feel the slick lips of his pussy as they grew loose and opened for him. He gripped a breast with one hand and lay his head back on the seat, moaning softly as an exquisite tension wound through him. His busty new body was crying out for more touch and he slid two fingers in between his silky pussy lips, let them glide inside his body as his meaty nether lips wrapped around his fingers and he pressed ever deeper into his growing wetness.

Jason opened his eyes and looked down at himself, watching as he made this elegant body finger and fondle herself like a mad woman, hands squeezing, caressing, greedy for her own self. His fingers pressed against his swollen clit and he cried out in surprise and delight as pleasure flitted through him. He circled his clit faster, harder, before sliding deeper inside himself. The walls of his cunt clutched his fingers as he twisted them in and out through his velvety folds. God, she was exquisite, her angelic voice rising in pitch as he came for the first time, the tension snapping and pulsing through his body. “Oh god,” he cried, fingers digging deep into his tight wet cunt. Now the sound of his own wetness hit his ears. He spread his legs wide, driving his fingers in deeper through the tight wet walls of his canal, fingering his feminine body faster, harder.

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