Foreign Exchange (F2F Body Swap)

Chun isn’t happy about being volunteered to swap bodies with an American teen in the name of diplomacy. But when she lands in the body of Ashley, a cute high school senior, she discovers that life in another country — and as a sexy high school hottie — is much more pleasurable than she ever imagined. Foreign Exchange is available on Smashwords or Amazon!

Ashley’s room was where the deja vu was strongest. She knew before opening the closet that it would be filled with outfits, neatly arranged by season and color. Beth stood nervously in the doorway as Chun poked around.

“Is anything coming back to you?” Beth asked, and then rubbed her forehead and laughed nervously. “Sorry, I’m treating you like you have amnesia or something. I don’t know how to treat someone who’s my daughter and not my daughter.”

“I don’t mind if you treat me like your daughter, Beth. I sort of feel like your daughter.”

Beth smiled sadly, and Chun had the feeling that the volunteering for the swap had been all Ron’s idea. Maybe he was as obstinate as Chun’s own father. At any rate, Beth did her best to make Chun feel at home before leaving her to her own devices and excusing herself to go start dinner. Chun had hardly been alone for a few seconds when Ron poked his head in to make sure she was getting along. He almost seemed more interested in examining her as a specimen than having an actual conversation. She half expected him to check her temperature and weight right there.

“Sorry,” he grinned after questioning her, “Just scientific curiosity. And I want to make sure everything’s okay. You’re sort of like my sister, you know?”

“But also not your sister. I’m getting that a lot.”

“No, you’re definitely different. Not in a bad way,” he hastened to explain.

Chun smiled and nodded, before excusing herself to help Beth with dinner just to get away.

“I wanted you to feel welcome,” Beth explained as they took their seats around the table. “I know this probably isn’t as good as back home but I hope it’s sort of comforting.”

Bowls of steaming hot orange chicken stir fry were placed in front of each member of the family.

“Ashley loves this dish,” Ron said. “It will be interesting to see if you feel the same.”

“It’s delicious,” Chun said, between mouthfuls.

“How does it compare to back home?” Ron asked.

“Hard to tell,” Chun admitted, “Everything is filtered through a different sense of taste and smell. But it really is very good. Thank you.”

Henry laughed and shook his head. “This Ashley’s much more polite. Can we keep her?”

It was only after dinner had been cleaned up and everyone had retired to their rooms that Chun was left alone for the first time since landing in Ashley’s body. Chun explored her new room, opening and closing drawers, both surprised and not surprised at what she found. In the bedside table there was a small diary with real paper pages—a rarity these days—but locked with a fingerprint scanner. Chun picked it up and hesitated. It was wrong to read someone else’s private diary, but at the same time she felt a deep connection with Ashley. A part of Ashley was still inside her, as all the deja vu proved. Even so, she set the diary aside. It was all just a distraction from what she really wanted to see, which was more of Ashley. The full length mirror in the corner of the room kept drawing her attention as she moved around, glancing at this beautiful, delicate body that she now inhabited.

Chun went to stand in front of the mirror to look at herself, letting her eyes play across her body, blushing under her own gaze. She’d never been pretty before. The best she could say was that she wasn’t ugly, but she’d never stuck out in a crowd. Ashley, though. Ashley was something else. Chun had certainly never desired herself as much as she did now.

Chun made sure the door to her bedroom was locked, then returned to the mirror. She adjusted it and flipped her silky hair back over her shoulders. Even the way she moved was delightful, with a grace and style apparently locked in her muscle memory.

She took the hem of her shirt in both hands and lifted it over her head before dropping it to the floor. Ashley’s beautiful breasts were now covered only by a white bra, the two little dots of her nipples already indenting the fabric at Chun’s excitement. Chun rolled down her pants slowly, peeling them off her long legs before kicking them aside. She half turned to the mirror, tracing the incredible swell of her ass with one hand. Seeing Ashley staring out from the mirror and fondling herself with undisguised lust made Chun warm. Her heart fluttered and her cheeks flushed. She wanted this girl in the mirror. And she could have her. A lover that would never leave her and would always be available. For the next four months anyway.

Chun reached around and unstrapped her bra, shimmying out of it until her new breasts bounced free. They were slightly dappled from where the bra had dug in and Chun massaged them gently, playing with their delightful heft. They were nicely firm, bouncing only slightly as she stroked them. The nipples felt divine and she squeezed them between thumb and forefinger before flicking them softly. The knowledge of what to do to this body was right there in Ashley’s mind, waiting for Chun. Ashley had obviously never been shy about herself, and for good reason. Strange the things Chun was “remembering”.

Chun shimmied her panties down, her breath nearly hitching in her throat as she gazed at the beautiful naked body on display. A light tuft of pubic hair was nestled neatly between her legs, and beneath it she could just make out her entrance. She felt like the most beautiful girl in the world and she smiled shyly, her lips curling up in a grin, her hands still on her tits. She never stopped moving her fingers, circling them over and under her breasts, hefting and stroking them gently. Ashley’s body was creamy smooth and growing warmer with each passing second.

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