One year later

If you like dark stories of body possession and theft you’ll enjoy my latest book Hostile Takeover on Smashwords. You can read a preview here.

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  1. Harold167
    Harold167 at | | Reply

    More! Good work! Maybe you find the time to do more dark captions.

  2. Vinantino
    Vinantino at | | Reply

    Love it! Doesn’t need to be that much of a bimbo body afterwards though. But I like that stealing and changing thing very much!

  3. Salino
    Salino at | | Reply

    Nice one! I like this kind of even darker stories very much. The stealer changes the bodies, sleeps with multiple men, kind of destroys their lives.
    Keep them going ūüôā

  4. Marshall
    Marshall at | | Reply

    Oh my god I fucking love this one! You need to do a full series of them like this of people being given their bodies back but better than before!

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