Hostile Takeover (Preview)

Hostile Takeover includes two dark stories featuring body possessions and body thefts. Read a preview below and buy the full story now on Smashwords and Amazon.

Paul envies Rose. He wants her marriage, he wants her body, he wants her life. With the help of a little magic he’s able to have all three. Now Rose is trapped, helpless in her own body as Paul takes over. He’s making her do things she would never do…and feel things she hasn’t felt in years.

Can Rose get him out of her body? Or will she be possessed forever?

* * * * * * * * *
Also includes a bonus story “Double Cross” where three women fight for the ability to control the same body and experience the height of pleasure in their new form.

These two stories contain over 16,000 words as well as intense descriptions of sexual acts.


“I’m wrapping my lips around your cock,” Paul types to Isaac.

The words appear in the messenger box next to the picture Paul’s using as his avatar. It’s the face of a dark haired woman in her late thirties whose hair curls gently down around each side of her face. With her brown cat’s eye glasses and shy smile she looks like she should be working in a library. Paul is using a photo of Isaac’s wife, Rose. It’s one of many that Isaac has sent Paul over the years in the course of their online roleplaying. Tonight they play Isaac’s favorite scenario, where Paul forcibly possesses Rose’s body and gives Isaac a treat.

“Rose hasn’t given me a blow job in years,” Isaac writes. Then, after a pause: “So okay.”

Paul mentally files that bit of info away as he continues with their scenario. He narrates as Rose, describing how she’s swallowing Isaac, how she teases him with her tongue, how he tastes in her mouth. After that there’s a long pause before Isaac finally types:

“Thanks. I needed that.”

Isaac found Paul years ago on an online forum revolving around body swaps and transformations. Isaac had answered Paul’s request for a role-play partner and they hit it off immediately. Their sessions started cautiously but soon grew longer and more complex. They began trading personal and private information, along with pictures of themselves and their partners to make their scenarios more realistic. Isaac likes Paul to take over the body of Rose, and has sent dozens of pictures to Paul so he can know who he’s supposed to be. Isaac and Paul have gotten to know each other very well over the years and Isaac has confided all his marital issues to his online friend.

Isaac got married to Rose 18 years ago, straight out of high school. She was never that into sex but she pretended for her husband’s benefit. Lately she’s stopped even doing that, simply lying back and waiting for it to be over, or avoiding it completely. Her nearly non-existent libido became a completely non-existent libido for no reason Isaac can fathom. She has little interest in dressing sexy or turning Isaac on and Isaac feels she’s come to take him for granted. To make matters worse, Rose has become very finicky about mess, particularly sexual mess (probably the reason Isaac has been requesting that Paul perform dirtier and dirtier acts on him). Despite the lack of interest in sex, Rose still keeps herself in shape by seeing a personal trainer three times a week and maintains a slightly chubby, but nonetheless very sexy, body.

Isaac often asks Paul to play out scenarios where Paul possesses Rose and forces her to watch from inside her own body as Isaac shoots his hot load over her enormous 38G breasts and then makes her lick it off, spreading his seed over her face and letting it drip down her body. Paul agrees that Rose is attractive and they share their dark fantasies of having Paul take over her body and force her to do dirty, sexual acts while she’s trapped, helpless, inside her own mind. If she doesn’t want to use her body anymore Paul will gladly take over.

As a result of their frequent and in-depth role-play as each other’s partners, Paul knows all about Rose: how she treats Isaac, how she would act in nearly any given scenario, what she likes to wear, even down to her Social Security number and online passwords. Paul could be Rose and Isaac would never know. Paul yearns to take over her life and make his friend happy, to be with Isaac forever. Paul’s fantasy is all the more tempting because his own life is in a rut.

Paul is single and has been for a while. He shares a tiny three-bedroom apartment with four other people in the Bay area ,where space is at a premium and rents are too high for him to go off on his own. To make matters worse, the tech company Paul works for has hit a few snags. Though the company’s problems were created by a lecherous CEO and a greedy board, the consequences have fallen on the workers. It seems there are new staff layoffs every month and Paul is sure his boss has it in for him, making ridiculous requests in the hopes that Paul either fails them or refuses to do them. Either way would be an excuse to fire him. As Paul’s real life gets worse, he takes refuge in the fantasy life that he’s built with Isaac over the years. If Paul were a woman he would definitely be falling for Isaac and want to rescue him from his humdrum wife, and rescue himself in the process.

The more Paul looks at the pictures Isaac sends, sees Rose’s attractive body hidden by frumpy clothes, understands how she acts and how Paul would love to make her act, the more Paul’s desire to take over her life grows. He’s practiced wearing her face with a variety of face swapping apps and, though he loves to see her image on the screen mirroring his, it’s not enough. He wants to leave his life behind and go somewhere else. So when Paul finds an app that claims to let him possess a person’s body, he knows exactly who his target is. The app promises that the user can switch back into their own body at any time as a sort of safety net.

Paul dutifully downloads the app and create his profile. As instructed, he uploads a picture of Rose and her basic information, which he knows by heart. It’s all too ridiculous and it can’t possibly work… and yet Paul can’t bring himself to press the “Enter” button right away. Just in case it does work, Paul wants to be inside Rose’s body by himself at first. So Paul waits until a morning after Isaac has left on another one of his frequent business trips before activating the app. Just in case.


A couple hundred miles away, Rose shuffles to her bathroom to start her morning routine. She spreads the bottom of her cashmere robe and eases herself down on the cold toilet seat. Suddenly, she gasps in surprise. Or rather, her body does, for Rose isn’t aware of gasping herself nor of anything that would make her gasp. Her head swings wildly around the bathroom as though she’s examining her surroundings for the first time. She tries to stop, to grab her head with her hands, but her hands, too, refuse to respond. It’s like the signals aren’t reaching her body, yet her body continues moving of it’s own accord, like there’s a stranger inside controlling her.

Her eyes turn to gape down at the broad cleavage beneath her robe. Her hands shoot up to her breasts, grabbing and squeezing painfully. She hears herself laugh as she drops her breasts and bobbles them back and forth watching them swing beneath her.

“Oh my God, these tits are amazing,” she hears herself say.

Her hands shoot up to her lips and she hears herself giggle again. “Testing, testing. Hello, I’m Rose. This is awesome!”

There’s a stranger inside her body. Rose struggles mentally, cries out in her own head, What’s happening to me?

Her body jumps slightly.

“Rose? Are you still in here?” Her voice asks aloud.

What’s going on? Who are you?

“I would think that’s obvious, Rose. I’m stealing your body. I’m you now.”

Her eyes swing down to her thick thighs spread apart on the toilet seat. The stranger makes her slip her hand across the coarse thatch of hair between her thighs. Even though she can’t control her body she can still feel everything from the itch on the tip of her nose that the stranger scratches to her full morning bladder. She’s plugged into her senses, but feels like a passenger in her own body.

Her hand pulls back and she feels the stranger trying out different muscles within her pelvis until he finally makes her bladder unclench and relief floods her body as the sound of her stream hitting the porcelain reaches her ears.

Leave me alone. Get out of my body!

Oh, no, Rose. We’re just getting started. This time the voice that answers is in her mind. It’s a man’s voice and underneath that she can glimpse his feelings of excitement and lust. Excitement for her. It’s strange and intoxicating, tapping into this undercurrent of desire for her own body.

Rose’s body wipes herself and she flushes. The stranger moves her body towards the mirror in front of the sink. Her image slides into view and a smile appears on her face. The stranger turns her face this way and that, her fingers coming up to slip softly across her skin. Her tongue pokes out and her face screws up as the stranger makes funny faces to himself in the mirror, then chuckles. Her hands untie her robe and let it fall to the floor. Rose can feel her own body warming in desire for herself as the stranger stares at her naked body. His lustful gaze travels down her heavy chest, past her belly, over her gentle mound and lingers on the dark pubic hair between her legs. Then her gaze continues down her thick thighs. On the way back she turns and is forced to stare at her butt, to feel the stranger’s lust for her ass. The stranger slaps her ass –WHAP!– and watches her butt wobble. Under different circumstances it would be flattering to see that men still find her attractive, to know that despite the stretch marks she’s still wanted. But not like this. It’s humiliating to be poked and prodded, treated like a piece of meat. And yet, her body starts to betray her, warming to her own lecherous gaze.

Why are you doing this? She begs, still fighting, but becoming aware that her struggles are futile.

I’ve always wanted to be a woman. And you’re one hell of a woman! Comes the reply.

Her hands rise to her heavy breasts and grasp them, hefts them and enjoys their fleshy weight as she bobbles them in each hand. The fingers slide around and pinch the nipples until they stand erect, little nubs of desire. A flash of pain shoots through Rose’s nipples with each squeeze, lighting up the warmth between her legs. She can feel her body being turned on, can feel the desire pulsing through her from the man inside. A moan escapes her lips as Rose cries inside her own head while her body forces her to continue.

The man brings one of her hanging breasts up to her mouth. Her lips open and she sucks on one of her own fat, pink nipples. Her tongue glides along the sensitive nub as she sucks the areola into her mouth and grasps it lightly between her teeth, the sucking and slurping sounds echoing in the bathroom. Her mouth is filled with the salty taste of her own skin.

“Oh, fuck, Rose,” her voice says as she releases her nipples, “You’re so goddamn wet.”

It’s true. She can feel the moistness between her thighs as she grows moist and loose, her most intimate of areas cries out for attention.

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  1. gluna
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    Just wanted to comment that these are my favorite stories, where the body’s rightful owner has absolutely no control. You write them like nobody else. Instant buy.

  2. JM
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    I really like both stories! Keep it coming. Great work!

  3. MK
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    Not sure why I like the dark ones, but this was another awesome story!

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