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Older and Wiser 3

I don’t know if I can do this,” Mateo said, placing a hand on his hip and staring at his old body.

They’d been swapped into each other’s bodies for a few days now, just two more victims of the swapping event that had affected a small number of people. Mateo was trying to come to terms with his new body, as it didn’t appear there was any cure in the immediate future. And for the first time, he was dressing in the most feminine clothes he could find.

Come on, you look great,” she replied, looking him up and down.

There was something in the way she was looking at him that made Mateo uncomfortable. He knew what he would have been thinking before the swap if he’d had a chance to stare at her like that. Was she thinking the same thing? Mateo felt uncomfortably exposed in his little white dress. His tits were on full display, hanging heavily from his waist. He still hadn’t gotten over how they bounced when he walked.

His skirt, too, felt too short, exposing his thick thighs and smooth calves. He could feel the air caressing his legs, felt the emptiness between his thighs. Wearing this dress felt felt like balancing on some sort of high wire; one wrong slip and his dress would fly up over his head and his breasts would pop out of his top. But the current thinking from the professionals on TV was that the best way to get adjusted to your new body was to dress and act the part. Yet still Mateo could feel his g-string sliding into the crack of his ass when he walked, and he was certain he needed to spend more time polishing his nails. Hailey seemed to be getting into her new body, strutting around in a tank top that showed off Mateo’s former muscular arms.

Mateo looked down at his new cleavage then back up at himself. “You think so? You don’t think it looks…I don’t know…too slutty or something? I feel like I’m practically naked.”

She snorted. “Welcome to being a woman. You just need a little adjustment here.”

She pulled Mateo’s top taut, Mateo’s former hands brushing against his new sensitive skin as she did so. Hailey’s body burned so deep with horniness that just the light touch of those masculine fingers was enough to spark a fire between Mateo’s legs. Hailey must have caught something in his look, because she brought her new body forward and slid a firm hand down Mateo’s backside, resting on his plump ass.

I’m sorry I caused this swap,” she whispered, so close to Mateo’s ear he could feel her hot breath on his neck.

What?” He asked, licking his lips nervously and staring back into his former eyes.

I was having sex with my husband and then the whole swap hit and, well, I guess I was thinking of you. Of this.” She flexed her bicep, causing her dark skin to ripple wonderfully. Mateo ran his fingers along it, scarcely believing his own former body could turn him on like this.

Mateo’s heart was pounding. It wasn’t his fault, she’d been thinking of him! They’d swapped bodies and it looked like they’d swapped desires as well. Mateo’s pussy was aching for the handsome young man standing in front of him. But did she still feel the same?

And then Mateo was on his back on the floor, his own cock pounding into him, his former body kneeling above his new soft form, his former hands gripped solidly on his thighs. Mateo threw his head back and gasped, one hand on his mammoth tits, the other between his legs stroking his burning clit, urging his new body on.

He moaned, low and guttural, his whole body jiggling with each thrust, lighting with pleasure as Hailey filled him with himself until he felt his own cock spasming inside him. He rubbed his new clit faster, crying out as each spurt of seed filled him with warmth and his body exploded with orgasm. When Mateo finally came down and opened his eyes, the lust written across his former face was almost enough to make him cum again. It was wonderful, powerful being in such a gorgeous body. When she finally pulled out it left him disappointed and empty inside. His new body was revved up and he wanted more. Fortunately, he knew just how to get himself off.

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