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  1. Zapper
    Zapper at | | Reply

    Love it. I wonder what other buttons the dog might smash?


  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous at | | Reply

    which model is this? fantastic cap!

  3. David
    David at | | Reply

    Request: Could you do a story about a guy in his late teens who loves to watch his mom put on her red lipstick. One day when she’s not there, he sneaks into her room, sits at her makeup table, and picks up her lipstick, applying it to his lips. Suddenly, he shifts, and he sees himself in her body, head and face, putting on that lipstick. He is so stunned at how good her body feels, he plays with her privates, bringing himself to a climax that makes the shift permanent. Now he can put on her lipstick every day. And he does.

  4. Elle-Jae
    Elle-Jae at | | Reply

    It certainly does lend a new twist to the idea of doing it “doggy-style”, M! Always great stuff from you, sweetie!


  5. Lilly
    Lilly at | | Reply

    This is so hot! I love the way you put together such sexy captions/stories! I would love to see this continued 🙂

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