Borrowing Her Body (New Book)

Another hot collection of my body possession short stories, Borrowing Her Body, is available wherever ebooks are sold, such as Smashwords or Amazon.  Find a preview below. It features these three stories:

Flight Control
Kyle has to go to a business meeting in another city but decides to take a vacation instead. Using his ability to hop bodies, he jumps into an attractive young woman he meets at an airport and spends the weekend exploring himself and others from his new perspective.

It’s Complicated
A man possesses the body of a woman in a coffee shop and lives her life for a day, enjoying her body and seeing what it’s like to go through her day as an attractive woman.

Relatively Close
When Scott’s older, curvaceous cousin visits for the weekend, he tries out a body possession spell to see how she feels from the inside and lives out his secret fantasy.

The airport security line stretches far out in front of me. I’m already not looking forward to the meeting I’ve got on the other end and the miserable airport experience is just making it worse. I’m also annoyed that I could have easily attended the meeting online but my boss insisted I go in person in the name of team building.

I sigh again and look at my watch. If this line doesn’t speed up I’ll miss my flight and the decision will be made for me. I stare daggers at the TSA guys manning the machines but they don’t seem to notice. Their eyes are focused on the women going through. One thing I’ve noticed about flying: the more intense the security measures have gotten, the tighter the clothes a lot of women have chosen to wear to avoid additional screening. I watch as a particularly leggy blonde kicks off her shoes and strolls through, her tight pants clinging to her form in a way that makes it even sexier than if she were naked.

I wonder how it would feel having her lovely ass, my body wrapped tightly in clothes that slink across my feminine form, the eyes of the men on my body as I walk by, the power and control of my sexuality, the ability to pleasure myself to exhaustion. I don’t want to go to this meeting, but I’m already at the airport. Maybe I should use my body hopping ability to take a vacation as someone else.

There are many attractive women walking around but I’m picky in who I choose. I need a woman with some athleticism. A woman who’s fit, with a nice ass and legs. A woman like the one heading up the stairs to join me at the back of the security line.

I can see the contours of her ass moving beneath her tight black leggings. She wears a matching long sleeve top that clings to her arms and clasps her firm breasts to her chest, then hugs her tummy. Her top is unzipped; she’s casual and comfortable. Her straight, brown hair is tied back behind her head and then drapes down over her shoulders. She’s shorter than me, probably about 5’7”, and with a friendly face. Twinkly brown eyes stare out beneath perfectly plucked eyebrows.

The line is stretched out far past the security zone and I’m almost near the elevators, so there shouldn’t be any surveillance this far out. She gets closer as another person starts up the stairs to join us. If I duck they shouldn’t be able to see me behind the balustrade. I pretend to drop my ticket near my target’s feet and duck down to retrieve it. Instead of standing up I hop.

My form becomes pure energy and my essence fills the woman behind me. For an instant there’s darkness as I charge through the void before sinking into a new body. Then I blink from my new perspective as the world returns. I look down at myself and pretend to adjust my top as I ogle my new body. I feel so strong but at the same time so feminine. I can’t wait to get her alone. I push some strands of hair back behind one ear, my finger stroking my skin gently.

I slip through her memories. Her name’s Danielle and she’s flying out to southern California for her brother’s wedding, which means I’m flying out for her brother’s wedding. The only thing left of me is my laptop bag, which I sling over one shoulder as I proceed through security.

The security line is still long and slow, but I’m enjoying it now that I’m in Danielle’s body. Lots of people are enjoying it, in fact. I’m conscious of the sway of my hips and the light bounce of my breasts every time the line shuffles forward, accompanied by the none-too-surreptitious stares from some of the other people in line. I take the time to examine what little of my body I can see. I wiggle my pretty, painted fingers. They’re slim and delicate, tapering lightly to points and with the nails painted a pretty shade of magenta. So different from my hairy masculine fingers.

Eventually I get through the line and back to the terminal. I force myself to stay in public, to wait and hold off exploring this new body, but every step is driving me mad with lust. I wait at the gate. I wait for takeoff. I wait until the seatbelt sign comes off. And then I can wait no more. I hurry to the toilet and lock the door behind me before turning to face my new reflection, Danielle’s almond-shaped eyes staring back at me, my own lust reflected back at my temporary body.

Danielle is still beautiful despite all the stress of travel. I run my fingers lightly down the contours of my new face and watch in the mirror as my reflection does the same. I pull out the neck of my top and look down into my cleavage. A black bra clasps two small, firm breasts to my body. I shake my chest and watch them jiggle. A girlish giggle escapes my lips as I manipulate my body. I bring Danielle’s hand to her chest and stretch my fingers across her boobs, squeezing gently to explore their firm-softness. My other hand travels down to join the growing warmth between my legs. I can feel Danielle’s body opening for me while at the same time filling with a growing pressure that will soon need to be released.

I push my fingers against the fabric of my legs. Gripping the fabric tight in a fist I pull up, forcing the crotch of my pants hard up against my womanhood, the outline of my new sex appearing beneath. I release, turning my hand so that my thumb pushes against my aching clit on the way down before pulling back up again. Up and down I go, manipulating my body beneath my clothes, pulling my pants up against my moistening pussy before pushing my thumb against my swelling clit on the way down. Oh, god, how I want to tear everything off, to ravish my naked body, to watch my feminine form as I bring myself to the apex of ecstasy. But I’m in a confined space and there are people right outside so I have to stay clothed and quiet, which only serves to double the tension racing through my body.

I drop the fabric and push the edge of my hand into myself, as hard up as I can go and I can feel the wetness of my lust on my pants as I press into my moist softness. The fabric pushes up against my swollen clit as my fingers push inside. I need to go deeper, further. I close my eyes, running one hand through my hair and forcing the fingers of the other as far up against myself as I can go outside of my pants and then the pressure bursts and I stifle a moan ‘Ohh,’ as a light pleasure shoots through me. My knees weaken and I lean against the wall for support as the release bounces through my body. It’s small and I want more, but I’ll have to wait.

I open my eyes and laugh at my appearance. My cute face is flushed red, my hair mussed, my top skewed. I adjust my top in the mirror and comb back and re-tie Danielle’s hair. It’s easy using her own memories. I wash my hands in the sink and take some deep breaths before returning to my seat. I’m still warm and ready, but more pleasure will have to wait.

See the rest, plus two more stories in Borrowing Her Body.

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