Young lovers

We should have been more specific with the genie. When my wife and I wished to be young again the genie obliged by throwing us back in time and putting us in each other's bodies. I found myself inside the body of my wife as a teenager, living her life. It was an experience being a teenage girl, for sure. Especially because I had my old memories and desires, and was fantastically attracted to my wife's nubile young body.
We remembered where we'd each lived and we soon found each other and began dating. God, she was insatiable with my hormones, always wanting to fuck. Fortunately, I was young and horny as well.
The first time she saw my tits she came in her pants, unused to my cock. But she got better with practice, and soon I was riding her as she played with my tits, her dick rising in her pants between my silky legs. Looking down and seeing my wife's breasts beneath me, being able to stroke and squeeze them anytime I wanted was heaven.
The first time I gave her head she also came quickly, surprising me with a mouthful of cum almost as soon as I'd wrapped my pretty lips around her shaft. I was also timid, having never sucked a dick before, but I got better with practice, and soon we were two young lovers sneaking off to bed whenever we wanted.
School was easy; we remembered it all and spent little time studying and much time fucking. That's why we started a family earlier than planned, and I found myself pregnant for the first time.

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