When Evan’s dad and sister hadn’t returned home after two hours, Evan started to worry. How long could it take to get groceries? As usual, his mind started imagining the worst case scenarios: car breakdowns, accidents, kidnappings. He’d so thoroughly freaked himself out that he went to his spell book for help. He’d found the book in the back of a dusty used bookshop some weeks ago but he was still a novice at magic. So far the biggest spell he’d ever succeeded in casting was one that had made a pair of his socks come alive. As he perused the book for some sort of spell that would enable him to check on his dad and sister, his socks jumped up on the bed and nuzzled his arm like a cat. He pushed them away, making a mental note to try to find a way to un-animate them sometime.

The only thing he found in the book that could possibly help was a body swap spell. Maybe if he swapped into his dad’s body he could help them out of whatever trouble they’d gotten into. The spell called for a picture of the person to help guide his concentration. Evan quickly brought up the first photo of his dad he could find. It was from their trip to the park, and in it his dad had one arm casually thrown around the waist of Evan’s sister. Evan lay back on his bed and recited the words, looking back and forth at the picture in his other hand. As soon as he finished the spell, the whole world changed.

Between one blink and the next Evan found himself in a strange room. He was naked and being held in the air, pressed close to a solid, warm body, two hands gripping his ass. Something tickled down his shoulders, and his own arms were wrapped around someone’s neck, a scratchy cheek rubbing against his own, someone’s warm lips kissing him. Something hard and hot was pressing up between his legs, and he could sense an absence of some sort even as a strange but pleasurable tension gripped him.

Evan pulled his head back and looked down, gasping in surprise as he saw the body he was now in. His sister’s nubile form spread out below him, her lean legs wrapped around a man’s torso, her tits—his tits now—pressed against the same solid chest. The hard thing pressing up between his legs he now realized was a cock, and even now he could feel his wet pussy opening, the dick sliding inside him.

Evan turned to face the man who was holding him and was shocked to find it was his own dad. He didn’t have much time to contemplate this before his dad’s cock slipped fully inside Evan’s warm pussy. Evan gritted his teeth as his dad filled him. He could feel his sister’s pussy lips opening, gripping his dad’s solid shaft as his dad pushed inch by inch through Evan’s warm canal.

“Dad! Oh, god!” Evan muttered as a wonderful but unwelcome delight pulsed through him.

He tried to struggle but it was no use as his dad lowered him down and he was forced to take his dad’s cock all the way. His dad gripped him firmly, hands digging into Evan’s soft ass, and thrust his hips back and forth, sending Evan’s new tits bouncing as his pussy was filled by the hot cock. His dad thrust faster as Evan struggled to speak.

“No. No…st– stop.” Evan murmured in his sister’s soft voice, closing his eyes as his sister’s body quivered with a sudden orgasm. He couldn’t help it. It felt so good to be fucked like this.

Oh, god, he could feel every bit of his sister’s naked form, her swaying breasts, her slender legs, her wide hips. The pleasure was too much. He couldn’t remember the words to reverse the spell. All he could do was hold on as his dad fucked his tight pussy harder, faster, sliding in deep into his center until Evan came, enjoying his sister’s orgasm despite his discomfort, moaning in her breathy voice and grabbing for the solid figure beneath him, thrusting his own sopping wet pussy down the hard shaft. He felt his dad’s cock throbing inside him, fill his sister’s wet canal with spurts of hot cum. His dad groaned in his ear, thrusting deep, emptying himself into Evan’s sister’s body until Evan was more full than he ever though possible, and the ecstasy made him tremble and gasp, unable to form words, his pussy gripping the cock lodged deep inside.

Soon his dad slowed and then stopped, before setting Evan down onto the floor. Evan’s legs were trembling and he felt a trickle of cum sliding down his bare thigh. His cheeks were flushed, the pleasure oh so slowly abating. His dad leaned down and kissed him, stroking his hair. Evan pulled back and muttered the words that were supposed to reverse the swap. But nothing happened.

“What was that, sweetie?” His dad asked.

Evan didn’t reply, his mind already running through the worst case scenarios. Only this time, his fears were justified. When they both returned home, there was an awkward confrontation between Evan and his sister, who was now in his body. They both knew what she’d been doing. They rushed to the spell book to try to reverse the spell, only to find the warning that the spell would become permanent if anyone came inside them while swapped.

Evan was mortified to have his sister’s sexy body, to be forced to see her cute face every time he looked in the mirror, to control her slender body, to feel her bouncy breasts every time he walked, and to have everyone staring at his perfect ass. And yet, the next day when his dad winked and said they had to go to the grocery store, Evan was all too happy to go along, eager to experience the ecstasy of his sister’s incredible body once again.

Joe just wanted to hang out with his friends, breeze through his college classes and get a girlfriend. But an idle wish to understand what it’s like as a woman sees him slowly transforming in Transition, now available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.


  1. Love the longer story! Although I was really hoping someone would have ended up swapping with the sentient sock haha!

    Would love to see more non-human swaps. ‘In the Doghouse’ is probably my favorite paid story from you ever! 😀

    1. It’s difficult to find captions that lend themselves to non-human swaps, but when I find some more I’ll do a few.

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