Vaguely remembered

The sunlight crept in through a crack in the blinds, stabbing Michael's eyes and making his headache throb. He groaned -- a light, feminine sound -- and pushed himself up into a kneeling position. Through the bursts of hangover he felt silky hair tickle down his neck, felt the slight weight on his chest, and the absence between his legs.
"Oh, shit," he moaned sleepily, pushing the hair out of his eyes and looking down at himself.
The swap party last night had been wild. He didn't recognize the woman who's body he was now in, and her hangover could have come from the drinking habits of any one of the dozen or so people who'd swapped into her.
Michael's body was sore, the kind of deep ache that meant he'd been fucked hard and long. Maybe even by his own body. Michael could barely remember; it had been a blur of switching and sex and drinking.
He vaguely remembered being on both sides, giving and receiving, sliding into someone's wet heat and then, on at least one occasion, swapping with the woman he was inside, so that suddenly it was his pussy that was spread apart to receive the glistening cock.
He staggered to his feet, pausing to recover from a wave of dizziness before making his way out of the bedroom and downstairs to meet up with the rest of the party. His thighs were sticky, another reminder of what this body had been involved in last night.
He hoped his real body felt better than this one.

A goddess offers to give her power to a rich man if he can survive being switched into the body of a beautiful young woman in an impoverished country for two weeks in Gods and Men (Part 1), available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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