Unexpected surprise

Volume 3 of the Body Switch Collection features six previously published red hot body swapping stories and is available on Smashwords and Amazon.

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  1. jay had been researching for a real body swap site he had exhated himself trying to find one and than finally one late nite a a very myterious link came to him he was just about to dismiss it but this one said some to the effect that if you opened it you would be changed turned trasnsformed into sweet girlhood no bul;l so jaty thoight what the hell migght as well check it out so he opened it it said that it is very easy to become female just do this and you will change insteatly into a real girl totaly completly permanetly so jay folloed the instrution the frist one was that you must close your eyes and than whisper to yourself i’m a girl i’m a girl but you must shut oout everything else and concentrate very hard and really belive what you are saying so jay complied and than jay felf very strange he felt like he was turning inside put his whole body began to tingle he felt really weird he felt his hair growing very mmuch longer he felt his face changing shape his nose shank becoming much smaller he felt his adams apple shrinking away he felt his vocal cords chnfgging he knew his voice was now going to be feminine he felt his whiole body shrinking in size and height his arms became much slimmer he lost almost all of his male muscle mass his legs became soft and smooth all of the maklle hair felt off he felt his butt growing much bigger his hips and waist wexpanded and than he felt tow mounds grow right out of his chest and breast formed their his hand right down to his very fingures shrank his fingures becoming slnder with long fingure tips he felt his insides conculsing and changing into female internal sex organs and than his penis shank away and went back upp into his body abnd a vagina pussy formed between her legs jay let out a long sigh and whispered oh my god i;m i’m really a girl now at long last oh my god this feels so good so right!

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