Twin pairs

Picture courtesy of LNMman

Adam rose from the bed and stretched before letting his hands run down his mom’s body, over his twin pair of breasts and down to his plump butt where he gave himself a squeeze.
The Stranger had breezed through their house last week, swapping Adam into his mom’s body and then adding further humiliation by adding Adam’s sister’s breasts to his mom’s already impressive chest.
The Stranger had then bestowed upon Adam a desire to touch himself, and he’d set to work in the living room urging immense pleasure through himself as he fondled four pairs of tits. He let his breasts bounce against each other, squeezing and groping with reckless abandon as his body burned bright. He was as disgusted as he was turned on when he lowered his head and popped one of his mom’s tits into his mouth, sucking the tiny pink nipple as it grew into sharp spikes.
Adam had started every day like that, teasing his new body into sharp arousal and enjoying both pairs of breasts. Today was the first day he’d been able to get out of bed without enjoying a mindblowing orgasm.
Some people suggested that the desires would fade in time and, for a moment that morning, Adam thought they were right. But the minute he touched himself, letting his hands wander down his curvy body they jumped back into focus. Once again he couldn’t keep his hands off himself and tumbled back into bed, four tits bouncing madly on his chest as he reached for them, desperate to squeeze and grope himself until the ache in his core was fulfilled.

Chapter 1 of a serial in which a troubled eighteen year old son is magically swapped into his mom’s body and must obey her commands until he learns his lesson. Make Me is too taboo for Amazon and only available on Smashwords or Body Swap Stories. Preview here.

This is the first in a new series of Quickies, which will be shorter, punchier stories that get right to the swapping and sex!


  1. Yes. I’d love to see some RE in the future. With body part & mind alterations. I definitely love it when the RE swaps memories(body, life), or roles between subjects. How family dynamics shift, when members are changed, not necessarily with each other. No reason “the stranger” couldn’t do similar stuff.

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