Training Days (M2F Possession) – Preview

I’m back with a new body possession story! Training Days is now available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Check out the preview below.

A man possesses the body of a woman at the gym in order to enjoy her physical pleasure and to change her mind to suit his needs.

I wipe the sweat from my brow, fingers running over unfamiliar but pleasant contours, passing the occasional tiny, natural bump or mole on my otherwise perfectly smooth skin that just serves to make her that much more natural. I’m at a steady rhythm, in her zone, it’s like going into a trance. I take the time to search through her mind and explore her memories, discover who she is.

I find her name—Leah—and explore her life. I get images of her job at an insurance office, intimately tied to her feelings of ennui. It’s a living but not the one she chose. I’m not surprised to find she’s sporty. Plenty of memories of biking or jogging or playing softball. And then late nights studying, going to night school.

She’s got a lot friends but she’s not a party girl. Reliable. Committed. Sometimes feels like a pushover. This is how she thinks of herself. I flit through and find her memories of her boyfriend. As I suspected, he’s a meathead. Buff as hell. Handsome but not too bright. Okay but sort of selfish in bed. From her own memories of sex with him I give him a solid C+. She can do better.

My first goal is simple: break up with him. Actually, forget that. My first goal is: take care of myself.

Despite my desire to explore my new body, I force myself to continue through Leah’s routine, teasing myself with thoughts about her body. When I finally stop the elliptical twenty five minutes later my heart is racing, I’m slick with sweat, and wet everywhere. Everywhere.

I grab Leah’s sweatshirt and make my way back into the changing rooms. There’s a single shower running somewhere but it’s otherwise empty. I toss my sweatshirt and towel onto a bench and head to the mirrors. Leah’s reflection slides into view and I’m smitten all over again. But now I can stare as much as I want.

Leah’s face is flushed with exertion but gorgeous. It’s how I imagine she would look after a thorough fucking: cheeks red, a few strands of blonde air plastered to her forehead, a tiny bead of sweat dripping down between my breasts. I turn my head left and right, my eyes playing across the delicate shape of my nose, my alluring eyebrows, the perfect contours of my face. I slip my spaghetti strap top off over my head and drop it onto the counter, then struggle out of my sports bra. It’s such a relief to finally be free. To have that pressure off my chest. I drop the sports bra on the counter with my top and flip my long blonde hair behind my back before admiring my breasts.

They’re petite but gorgeous, perfectly fitting my slender frame and capped with small strawberry-pink areolae. I stroke them lightly with my fingers, enjoying my pleasant feminine shape. I circle round each nipple with a light touch as my body begins to warm. Soon Leah’s nipples are hard as diamonds and I let my hands wander down my stomach, over my waist, and slip in beneath the elastic of my shorts. I roll them down my legs, revealing my smooth skin inch by inch. Leah’s body is wonderfully real: here a small scar, there a tiny mole. Each imperfection just serves to highlight her beauty.

Now I’m completely naked and I stand up slowly, letting my hands slide back up my calves, my thighs, to the coarse triangle of dark blonde hair pointing to my slit. Fuck, she feels so good. I rub the top of my pussy with my fingers, watch the lips stretch and gyrate as I warm and grow loose. I push my middle finger inside, slipping into my velvety folds and caressing my clit. A tiny shiver of anticipation runs through my spine. I stare into the mirror as I finger myself, watching Leah’s digit disappearing inside her, feeling my finger inside myself. I’m so warm and I’m growing wetter. It’s an inner tension accompanied by an outer looseness, as my pussy becomes slick, the pouty lips unfolding and letting my finger sink deeper inside.

I push another finger inside myself, feel the tight inner walls of my cunt slippery with my lust as I use Leah’s memories to pleasure herself. She knows just how she likes to be touched, how fast to go, what to do next. And I borrow those memories to push the tension inside my body higher, fingers circling faster, driving towards a release. A moan escapes my lips as my body burns with desire, fingers circling my clit. My other hand comes up to my chest and I grab a breast, fondling myself as my fingers burrow deeper inside, up to the second knuckle. God, Leah feels amazing—I feel amazing.

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  1. Great story-5 stars. I love the twist that the hopper can affect the subconscious desires. More like this please.

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