“Like, what happened to me?” Phillip asked from his new body. He grabbed a strand of his long, blonde hair in one delicately manicured fingernail and stared at it in astonishment before focusing his now light blue eyes on me.

“It was an experimental potion,” I said. “Legally you may have gotten away with plundering people’s life savings, but you fucked over a lot of people and you’re about to get fucked yourself.” I couldn’t help but stare at his cute new face with deliciously plump lips, some would call them dick sucking lips. Phillip would, in fact.

“Oh my gawd, I’ve got titties and everything. And why am I talking like some dumb bimbo or something?”

“Part of the potion. Soon you’ll start having urges you won’t be able to control.”

Phillip grabbed my shirt and held his face close to mine. “I’m going to…” he shook his head, causing his wavy blonde hair to fall around his shoulders as a blank look came over his face.

“Going to what?” I smirked, knowing full well.

“Going to give you the best blow job you’ve ever had, cutie!”

She knelt on the ground and unzipped my pants. I knew deep inside this airhead Phillip was still there, trying to resist, but unable to stop his sexy new body from taking my rising cock deep into his mouth.


Candice Swanepoel

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