Thought Experiment

My new story, Thought Experiment is available now! This story is too hot for Amazon and contains sexual, intense imagery and sibling incest so it can only be found on Smashwords. Find an excerpt below:

A teen invents a machine that allows him to peek into the minds of others, but something goes wrong when he tries it on his sisters and he finds his thoughts in their bodies.

Also includes a bonus story featuring a brother and a sister who get swapped into their parents’ bodies at a most intimate time.

Thought Experiment

Terry started up the machine and watched it boot up. It slowly hummed to life as he sipped his soda while the system diagnostics appeared onscreen. He’s been working on this machine in his parents’ basement for years and now, finally, all his work was about to pay off. Terry’s parents had no idea what he was doing. About anything really. Their jobs took them out of the house for long stretches of time, leaving Terry and his three sisters alone to take care of themselves. Marcy and Bonnie, the older twins (fraternal, not identical), were nominally in charge. They both went to the local university but lived at home because it was more practical. Terry and his own fraternal twin, Gwen, would be graduating in a month and would probably do the same. Their parents supplied them with more than they needed out of an extreme sense of guilt. It wasn’t bad, really. They left Terry alone and Terry rather liked being by himself, keeping himself company while he researched and designed his inventions. Unlike the other inventions, though, he was sure this one would work as designed. Mostly sure, anyway.

This machine was going to put him on the map. People would know his name and would talk about him for years to come. It would be a huge change from now, because now he could walk around the school practically invisible to everybody. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was true invisibility because at least then he’d be able to sneak into the girls’ locker room. But true invisibility was impossible. He’d tried and failed to create an invisibility cloak to be able to spy on people undetected but the best he’d come up with was a box that could bend light and render itself mostly invisible, though anyone inside would also be blind. So it was stationary, not completely invisible and you couldn’t see out of it. A near-total bust. But this time he had created something that was sure to work: a machine that could transfer the thoughts from one person to another.

It was a lucky thing that Terry’s basement was big, because his machine took up most of one wall. A display was connected by a tangle of wires to a bank of servers. Four thick braids of coiled wire led out from the back of the machine, each ending in what looked very much like colanders with little suction cups inside. His plan was to get some of the other senior girls from school to put the colanders on their heads so he could “borrow” their memories. Particularly memories of being naked, of lathering their nubile bodies up in the shower, of slipping their fingers inside their warm folds and enjoying their own touch. Terry had the machine part worked out but had yet to come up with a plan for getting the girls back to his house, or of even talking to them, or making eye contact. Terry thought maybe he could enlist his sisters for help. They were much more popular than he was and surely they could find some pretext for getting the girls down to the basement. He just had to appeal to their sense of brotherly love and thirst for scientific discovery. Maybe a bribe would help, too.

Anyway, that was a problem for another day. For now, the light on the machine was green and all systems were go. Terry just needed some people to try it out on. The problem was that Terry didn’t know many people apart from his sisters. They were all sitting upstairs right now and they were the best he could possibly do. Plus, despite himself he couldn’t help noticing how pretty his sisters were. Sometimes the sound of their voices would reach his room late at night and he would stroke himself, imagining they were with him, their soft bodies filling the bed and being filled by him. He was ashamed of these thoughts and kept them secret, never letting anyone suspect. And yet, strangely, suppressing his desires only made them worse. Still, he needed test subjects and they were right here.

He walked up the creaky basement stairs and into the kitchen, blinking in the bright light of the room. He heard voices coming from the living room and followed them to find his three sisters lounging around.

Bonnie was on the couch. Her feet on the coffee table and a thick textbook propped up on her knees. The coffee table overflowed with her books on esoteric philosophy and archaic dentistry, and a variety of dry topics no ordinary college girl—or anyone for that matter—should have an interest in. Her tongue poked out of the side of her mouth in concentration as she scratched out some sort of complex looking equation on graph paper. No doubt she was working on a syllabus for one of her professors, having already finished her coursework.

Unlike Terry, Bonnie didn’t dress like a geek She had long hair, dyed pink, that cascaded over her shoulders and down to her legs. She had a cute, oval face, with large brown eyes that made her look like an adorable puppy. Despite her cleverness and her maturity, she insisted on dressing like an anime princess in long, pink dresses that matched her long, pink hair. The fabric flowed down her form and brushed lightly against her small chest.

“Hey, little bro”, Marcy called out as Terry appeared, squinting from the kitchen. “Nice to see that there is an entrance from the underworld after all.” She flashed him a grin, all white teeth and pointed incisors. Despite being Bonnie’s fraternal twin, the two could not have been more different. Where Bonnie was all pink and lightness, Marcy preferred darkness.

Marcy was lying on the other couch, which was turned ninety degrees from Bonnie’s and resting up against the other wall of the room. Her long legs stretched out across the beige cushions, clad in her usual skintight jeans. Her loose, gray tank top fell around her figure, folded in such a way that Terry glimpsed the delicate curve of one breast before averting his eyes in embarrassment. She had her phone in her hand and earbuds in her ears, as usual. Her straight hair was dyed black and contrasted beautifully with her pale skin. She rested with one arm under her head, the other flipping through her phone. Terry could hear the tinny sound of the hard rock music from where he stood and was surprised she wasn’t deaf already. She was a classic rocker chick, with a few tattoos strategically placed about her body. Her face was always impeccably made up with perfectly arched eyebrows, hair just so, and dark eyeliner highlighting her pale blue eyes.

“Give him some credit, Marcy”, Gwen said, “He’s only the second person after Oedipus to find a way up into the world of the living. That’s gotta be worth something.”

Gwen’s short, orange hair was held in place with a blue hair clip. She had hipster chic glasses that magnified her laughing green eyes and wore a blue baby doll T-shirt. Gwen was Terry’s fraternal twin but had the confidence Terry lacked. She was looking at Terry and grinning over the top of the thick book, probably a first edition of some sort of poetry. She was into the romantics at the moment, having flirted with the Gothics on her way back from the twentieth century realists. The book was another way their parents tried to buy their love and excuse themselves for being absent.

Terry ignored them and pressed on. “So, I think my machine is done!”

His remark was greeted with shrugs all around so he coughed and continued, “I…need some volunteers.”

“You mean guinea pigs?” Bonnie asked him.

“What’s in it for us?” Marcy chimed in.

“Besides your undying love and affection?” Gwen added.

Terry rolled his eyes. “I’ll do your chores for a week.”

Bonnie waved that away. “I’ve already set most of the house to automatic.”

“$100?” He asked.

Marcy feigned a yawn. “Money doesn’t buy us anything our parents won’t.”

“Okay, how about the chance to participate in a world changing experiment?”

That perked Gwen and Bonnie up. They were very clever, and eager to prove it to the world. Advancing the cause of science was something money couldn’t buy.

“What’s in it for me?” Marcy asked.

“How would you like to mess with some popular girls’ heads?” Terry grinned.

Marcy set up. “I’m listening.”

“What do we have to do?” Gwen asked.

“Come downstairs and I’ll show you,” Terry replied.

He led his three sisters down the rickety basement stairs to his machine, noting the look of uncertainty on their faces when they saw the cobbled together machinery and the leftover pizza boxes and empty drink cans.

“It doesn’t look like much now,” Terry began, “but this is going to change human relationships. Here, put on these helmets.”

“Hold on,” Marcy said. “You just want us to stick these things on our heads? You guys remember the toaster incident, right?”

“Was that the one with the little clamp on the finger that nearly took off my nail?” Bonnie asked.

“No,” Gwen said, “The clamp thing was supposed to tell you when your clothes were dry, the toaster incident was the reason we had to repaint the ceiling.”

“This is nothing like that,” Terry assured them. “There’s no punching, no stamping, no clamping, and no explosives. Only electricity. Totally confined to the machine.” He added as they each shared a look.

He handed each of them one of the colander looking things and had them sit on the floor in a circle facing each other. He adjusted it over each of their heads, fiddling with the straps and making sure the electrodes were completely fastened before strapping on his own. He punched some commands into the console and the machine whirred to life. Terry joined the circle of girls on the floor. Soon the room was humming with the vibrations from Terry’s machine, the sound growing higher pitched. The girls were starting to get worried. Gwen began reaching for one of the straps on her helmet when there was a spark from the machine and the basement light bulb blew out.

Terry felt an odd sensation in his mind, as if there were another person crawling around gathering his thoughts. It was strangely intimate but not quite uncomfortable. And then there was a flash and a loud bang and silence descended in the room as the machine shuddered to a stop.

Terry groped his way across the floor and up the wall for the switch to his emergency backup generator and, finding it, he flipped it on, which caused the emergency lights in the room to glow dully. This wasn’t the first time Terry had blown every fuse in the house and it probably wouldn’t be the last.

“It’s okay, that was supposed to happen,” Terry lied.

But there was no response from his sisters. He turned and saw them lying on the floor where they had apparently fallen unconscious. Or dead. But no, touching his fingers to Gwen’s neck he felt her steady pulse and he released a breath he didn’t even realize he’d been holding. That was something, then. He fought the panic rising in his chest. He had to stay calm, make sure everyone was okay.

He leaned over Gwen and shook her lightly while whispering her name. Soon, she mumbled something and stirred. As she slowly awoke Terry went to check on the other sisters. They, too, seemed to be coming out of whatever sleep they had been thrown into.

“Thank God,” Terry sighed. “I mean, I meant to do that. But everyone’s okay, right? That’s good, right? Okay, then. That settles that, no need to speak of this again.” Terry’s words flooded out in a rush as he plastered a giant fake grin across his face.

His sisters still seemed to be in a daze. Marcy was looking down at her body, wiggling her fingers and stroking herself, as if seeing her body for the first time. Gwen held her hands up to her face and wiggled her fingers. Bonnie grabbed the hair around her head experimentally, and ran her fingers across her cheeks, a look of wonder on her face.

Terry helped remove their helmets then aided them to their feet. They all seemed a bit unsteady, but that was not unexpected as they had likely just received a huge electric shock. Terry was eager to get them out of the basement and away from his latest embarrassing failure. When they’d all been led back up to the main part of the house, Terry shut the basement door and returned to sulk alone.

Upstairs, however, the girls were discovering the Terry’s experiment was a success, of sorts.

“B – Bonnie,” Marcy began, “Do you feel any…different?” Marcy held up her long, black hair and peered closely at it.

“Well, I… Do you?” Bonnie replied, diverting her attention away from her flimsy pink dress.

“I’m just going to come out and say it,” Gwen said, “My machine worked and clearly our memories have been transferred into different bodies. I’m Terry, but whoever’s downstairs in my body thinks she’s Terry. So who are you two?”

“Hold on. I’m Terry.” Marcy said. “And I don’t like dressing like a princess.”

“That’s impossible.” Bonnie said. “I’m Terry.”

The three girls froze and stared at each other in the upstairs hallway.

“We can’t all be Terry.” Marcy said. “Can we?”

“Unless… The machine didn’t transfer our memories, it duplicated them. We’re all Terry.”

“Thank God.” Bonnie said. “I thought we had all swapped, but now I know that we’re all me I can do this.”

Marcy slipped her finger into the neck of her tank top and pulled it open. She gaped down her shirt at her slim cleavage, her eyes following the smooth curve of skin as it disappeared beneath a gray bra. She dropped her shirt and brought both hands to her chest, squeezing her new tits for the first time. They were small and had a soft – firmness to them that was perfect beneath her fingers.

“Wow. I’ve been wanting to do that since I landed in her body,” he sighed in Marcy’s lusciously husky voice.

Gwen went into the bathroom and the other girls followed her. Switching on the light, they all stared at their new reflections. Gwen turned her head this way and that. Her fingers trailed along the smooth skin of her cheeks, over her soft jaw and then down her long neck. Gwen laughed as she manipulated her new body and watched her mirror image copy her every motion. Beside her, Bonnie slid her hands down and pulled her dress up to her panties. She turned and admired the trim curve of her little ass, before scrunching up her adorable face and sticking out her tongue at her own reflection. She giggled as she manipulated her new face. Bonnie still stood staring down the neck of her tank top, wiggling her chest and watching her breasts bounce back and forth.

“Okay… girls, we’re in our sister’s bodies and Terry, the other Terry, has no idea. I say we take this opportunity to mess with his head and do a little experiment of our own. How do you think he’ll react when he sees his most hidden fantasy come true?” Bonnie asked.

The other girls looked up at her.

“You mean…” Marcy said, trailing off as they all imagined it.

Their faces lit up in glee. They all agreed to act the part in the ultimate fantasy and, having reached this agreement, they all returned to their new rooms in their new bodies. Each of them was eager to be alone in their gentle forms, but none of them wanted to be the first to admit they liked it and wanted to explore more. Even talking to themselves they were still held back by shame. They each thought that maybe if they were better acquainted with their bodies they would feel more natural.

To find out what happens next, check out Thought Experiment, only available on Smashwords.


  1. Por favor, me gustaría comprar este libro pero no he podido, podríamos hablar sobre un depósito a tu cuenta de banco y luego tú me mandarás a mi correo la historia, es que en serio me gusta encantaría poder leerla,

  2. Por favor, ponla a la venta en Amazon, intente comprarla en Smashwords pero hubo un problema con la trajera, incluso me llegó la notificación de una compra pero no se realizó el cargo, por favor, en Amazon si h comprado varios de tus libros. Por favor.

    1. Sorry to hear that. I’ll try to put it on Amazon next month, but I have my doubts it will pass their screening because of the content. We’ll see.

  3. Hi, i love your stories but i want to ask you a question, i recently buy some of your books on smashwords but there were no pictures… Is it normal? (I download them in pdf)

    1. I would love to include pictures, but unfortunately there are two major problems with including pictures in stories on Smashwords or Amazon: I don’t have the rights to use existing pictures, and even if I commissioned some sort of art Smashwords and Amazon would consider the story pornography (as opposed to erotica) and wouldn’t publish it. So I’d need to commission pictures and find an independent online seller that’s happy to publish that sort of thing. It’s easier to do and I get wider distribution without pictures.


  4. Interesting idea . . . multiple copies of the same mind in different bodies. Jack L. Chalker did that in his “The Four Lords of the Diamond” series. It’s a very cool idea.


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