They came together

On floor big


  1. I enjoy this format! That is, the female and male roles side-by-side in a bodyswap. Keep up the good work, and please do keep experimenting, which is something that you do very well!

  2. VERY hot, indeed, M! I’d sure as HELL enjoy being in Jeff’s position!

    I’m thinking it might take at least ten months before the spell can be completed and swap them back – if it even works then! Between Gillian planning this ‘vacation’ for her body’s horniest time of the month, (ovulation), and her having gotten ahold of some of those messed-up b-c pill-packs that had the contraceptive & placebo reversed, (on purpose?!), her body’s reproductive system is at peak fertility! Couple that with Jeff having forgotten to keep taking them past the first two days after they used the spell, and him becoming nearly addicted to the sensation of having Gillian fill his temporary twat with massive loads from her borrowed balls several times a day… It’s nearly a given that, by the last day of the spell, ‘Gil’ will be the daddy of the bun now baking slowly on her boyfriend’s oven!

    I love your stuff, M!

  3. Very hot body swap scene! Do they get their wish? Or do they spend a week using each other to satisfy every sexual fantasy only to swap back? lol – really enjoyed this one.


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