The wife’s trick

Request: Hey, I really like your stuff, and I was wondering if you’d have any interest in making a cap based on an idea I have. Would it be possible for you to do a caption/story where a husband and wife (Mike and Melissa) swap bodies and the wife is told that she can seize her husbands body forever if she gets him pregnant while they’re swapped? I like the idea of this kind of role reversal where the woman takes the power in the relationship. The husband would be confused and unaware of what exactly was going on or even better, he could be aware and try to stop it, but fail. Hope you like this idea!


  1. I would immediately accept my new female body and, as soon as I found out that becoming pregnant would seal me forever as a REAL woman, I would make sure that my wife inside my former male body would have unprotected sex with me several times a day, day after day … . – Tom –

    1. You like the idea of simultaneously stealing your husbands body and impregnating him? Haha, I admit, that’s pretty hot!

  2. Great Stuff. I love the ones you do where cumming inside someone seals them in that body permanently somehow. This one takes that idea to the next level! Wouldn’t mind seeing an add-on to this one, or just more like it. Keep it up.

  3. Amazing caption. Would love to see a sequel where we get to peek inside the wife’s head right as she is planting her seed and feels the spell sealing her husbands fate. Great job!

  4. Damn! Very hot caption. I love how he’s slowly accepting his new body. I wonder if over time he grows to love it? Perhaps after he’s holding his first baby, while it’s suckling at his breast? lol


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