The Secret to Blogging

I can’t wait until we’re the ones tanning ourselves on the beach and blogging about how hard it all is,” I sigh, as I scroll through the Nomad’s Land website. The pictures of mother-daughter blogging duo, Tess and Brooke Kessler, flip by. Here they are lounging by a pool in matching bikinis, here in casual dresses at a museum, and last—my favorite—the daughter, Brooke posing in front of a Roman fountain, clad in black tights and a red dress, her arms thrust out to either side as if presenting her surroundings.

Brooke seems to be in her late teens, slender with wavy, black hair and bangs that swoop down across her forehead. Tess is a well-maintained mature woman, still slender but with fuller hips and a slightly larger bust than her daughter. They’re both attractive and seem to spend their days traveling around the world blogging about their adventures and how hard it is to be a single mom. Despite her complaints it doesn’t seem that hard. I mean, every week they’re in a new country.

How much money do you think they make doing this?” I ask my friend, Nick.

We’ll see real soon,” he says, setting up the candles around the office. We’re the only ones left in the building, as planned.

Nick and I are pulling another all-nighter, trying to finish squashing the major bugs in the code before the release date for Killing Tyme, a third person punch-em-up that’s basically a ripoff of the popular Batman games. It always happens like this. The company sets a ridiculous deadline and works us to death trying to hit it. Nick and I are fed up with the job, with our lives, everything.

Over the years we’ve become close enough friends to realize that we each fantasize frequently about becoming women. We spent long hours deciding who we could become, if we could become anyone, before finally landing on Tess and Brooke, the mother-daughter bloggers. They’re perfect, because Nick’s always wanted to be an older woman with large breasts, and I’ve always leaned towards the more petite women. We’ve both always wanted to be rich.

We never thought anything would come of it. But last week, Nick was cleaning out his grandparent’s attic and came across a spell book. Skeptical at first, we tried out one of the levitating spells and soon found his car floating across the street into a lamppost. Flipping through the rest of the book, he found a body swapping spell that required a few rare ingredients. Thanks to the technological magic of the internet, those ingredients arrived in two weeks.

Sit down over there,” Nick points to the other end of the circle he’s drawn in red powder on the floor. I sit as he lights the candles and places a picture of Tess in front of him and Brooke in front of me. Nick begins chanting the spell from the book. A breeze ruffles the candle flames, growing faster and faster as Nick continues chanting. When he reaches the last word the flames go out and I’m plunged into ness, a blackness deeper than I’ve ever known, without even the afterimages of the candle flames beneath my eyelids.

When it reappears, I’m in a fancy restaurant with my phone in my—now slender and feminine—hand. The beautifully presented dish sits framed perfectly in my phone’s screen, ready for Instagram.

My eyes follow my slim fingers down my smooth arm to the sea blue dress caressing my lithe body. Two small breasts press out from beneath the fabric and beneath I can see my legs are clad in black tights. I can feel the fabric stretching against my legs as I shift my feet beneath the table. I look up and find Tess staring back at me, a huge grin on her face. Her hair is styled casually, draping down in waves behind her.

Nick?” I ask, bringing a hand to my lips at the sound of my delicate voice.

You should probably call me ‘mom’ now,” he says, placing his fork down to turn his hands over and stare at them.

The waiter approaches. “How is everything?”

Everything’s perfect,” I smile, radiantly.

As we planned, the first thing we do is change all the passwords on Tess and Brooke’s accounts. It wouldn’t do to have our rightfully stolen lives stolen back. After all, we have no intention of going back. Nick and I enjoy our meal, posting the photos on the internet and keeping up our mother-daughter blogging appearances.

We spend the rest of the day exploring Rome, responding to fans on social media, and enjoying the attention we get from being two attractive women on their own in a huge city. I love the way my dress brushes against my body, the sound of my feminine voice. I’m an unrepentant flirt, taking joy in the way other people stare lustily at my new body. When I get back to our hotel room I do the same, ogling Brooke’s body in the mirror as I pose, twisting my legs this way and that beneath the tights. Next to me, Nick stares at his new body and gives his large breasts a squeeze before laughing a throaty, sexy laugh.

That night we lounge on the bed next to each other going through “our” emails to learn about our new lives. I absently stroke my tender thighs as I flick through Brooke’s life, learning about her friends, her family, her secret inner life that she never blogs about. Beside me, Nick gasps.

Whoa. I knew something wasn’t right.”

Nick reads through a trail of email correspondence from a guy named Devon. Apparently Tess and Brooke supplement their blogging income by putting on a personal show for him every now and then. Nick tells me the figure. It’s a lot of money, but then again, it’s a big request, one that Tess and Brooke have been happy to fulfill. When Nick fills me in on it, I’m happy to fulfill it, too.

The next night we let ourselves into a different hotel room, as arranged by Devon. This one has several cameras setup throughout the room. Devon’s given us the scenario he wants to see, and we do our best to play it out as though we were Tess and Brooke.

Oh, mom, I’m tired,” I say, entering the room and dropping my shopping bags on the floor.

Me too, honey,” Nick says, closing the door behind us.

I reach behind and struggle with the clasp of my dress, before gathering my hair and raising it up.

Can you undo me?” I ask “my” mother, turning around and offering myself to her.

Nick unclasps my dress and unzips me before helping me shimmy it off over my head. Wearing nothing but my bra and panties, I flop onto the bed. Nick unzips Tess’s dress and throws it on the floor next to mine, then he, too, lies back on the bed next to me. His body is older but no less beautiful, bearing the scars and marks of a natural, mature woman.

Did you have a good time today?” Nick asks me, propping his head up on one hand, the fingers twining through his blonde tresses, while the other hand lands on my thigh and gently caresses Brooke’s body.

I nod, letting my own hand circle up to my small chest. Brooke’s breasts are small but supple. I can feel my nipple beneath my bra popping out in anticipation as I stroke myself with one hand.

I think I’m too wound up to sleep,” I say.

Do you want me to help you with that?” Nick asks in Tess’s husky voice, her lips grazing my cheek, her breath hot on my skin.

I bite my lip and nod. “Yes, mommy.”

He leans Tess’s face towards me and our lips meet. I can smell Tess’s raspberry lip gloss, feel her breasts press into my arm as she leans over me. I open my mouth for “my” mom’s tongue and feel it slip in to taste me. Her hand moves up across my panties and she presses lightly across my hidden sex. I bring one hand to her cheek, caressing her as we kiss slowly, lovingly, my nose pressed into her soft cheek.

I’m wearing a front-opening bra and Tess’s hand slides up my trim stomach and unclasps it. The fabric falls to the side, revealing my perky nipples atop the gentle hills of my breasts. Still kissing, I feel Tess’s fingers wrap around my nipple, pinching gently. I moan into her mouth as pleasure floods through me. Closing my eyes, I arch my back as she continues manipulating my body.

Her hand disappears for a second and I hear the rustle of her bra coming off. I want her hand back on me, I need her touch, and then she’s back, her bare breast falling onto mine as she kisses her way across my chin and down my neck. Her lips suckle one breast and her hand slides back down, over my mound to land on the burning warmth between my legs. As she sucks on a tiny nipple, her hand slips underneath the waistline of my panties, the slender fingers landing on the nub of my clit. My body is burning with desire, I writhe and moan beneath her touch, Brooke’s airy voice escaping from my luscious lips.

My” mom’s fingers slip inside my wet warmth, rubbing against my budding clit, her tongue licking my engorged nipple. I spread my legs and urge her deeper inside. Her fingers rub to the rhythm of my body, of my breath coming in short, fast gasps and suddenly I crest and cum.

Ooohh.” A guttural moan escapes me and still the itch between my legs burns on.

Tess moves down between my legs. I lift my ass in the air to enable her to roll my panties down my gloriously long legs. Nick guides me around o I’m on all fours, my ass in the air. Then he slides Tess’s face beneath my dripping pussy and kisses my new sex, her tongue taking a long slow lap up my cunt. I stare down at her face between my legs as she licks me, watching “my” mom sucking on my clit with such pleasure on her face. She slides two fingers inside me, pushing them in and curving them upward to press against my dimpled walls as her tongue flicks against my clit. I moan and shake my head as pleasure grabs me, her tongue sending the desire burning through my body, throbbing, humming, until I arch my back and cum once more, harder this time.

Oh, fuck, mom!” I cry as my body explodes with pleasure. She continues licking and thrusting, urging me onward through my orgasm until I fall back, tired and sated.

Nick crawls up beside me, his breasts resting once more on my chest. His fingers caress my chin, my lips. I can smell myself on him, the delicious, musky smell of myself. Of my pussy. I open my mouth and suck on his fingers, tasting Brooke’s body.

Mmm, thank you, mommy,” I sigh.

Anytime, honey,” She replies.

That’s all Devon paid us for, but once I’ve recovered I slide Brooke’s face between her mom’s legs and give him a bonus show. Brooke and Tess really do have a nice life, and now it’s ours.

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