The Next Step (FtF Body Theft)

It’s time for Natalie to move on from her life and swap bodies with her teenage granddaughter in The Next Step, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

Ron has enjoyed being Natalie ever since he swapped bodies with her on the eve of her wedding, leaving Ron’s original body in a coma while he immersed himself in her life.

Now old and nearing the end, Natalie is looking to swap again and has her eyes on her eighteen year old granddaughter, Sophie. She’s young and fit and perfect. In order to ensure Sophie won’t ruin her plans, Natalie has to look sufficiently crazy that any story of body swaps won’t be believed, while at the same time effortlessly mimicking Sophie’s mannerisms.

Fortunately, Natalie gains a little more of Sophie’s memories every time she swaps and physically explores her young body. With enough time she’ll be able to move into this new life as easily as she moved into Natalie.

This 10,000+ word story is a standalone sequel to Fiancee in Law, and contains themes of female to female body thefts and explicit solo and couple scenes.

Natalie readies herself that night, the excitement building as she swallows the sleeping pills. They should knock her out in about an hour and keep her asleep until morning. It’s late enough that Sophie should be asleep and, if all goes according to plan, Natalie will get a little taste of her new body before hr granddaughter even wakes up and realizes anything has happened. Natalie knows it’s risky but she can’t help herself. The anticipation is the hardest part.

Standing naked in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom she examines her body critically. It’s served her so well, delivering a wonderful life and untold amount of pleasure. But Sophie can have her sagging tits and her plump belly, the fat butt and the pale legs striated with veins and cellulite. She shrugs on a robe and slips into bed, sliding the ring onto her finger.

She waits, eyes closed, and when she feels herself slipping down, just on the edge of sleep, she twists the ring on her finger. There’s a brief warmth, and then her consciousness is eclipsed.

* * *

Natalie wakes early the next morning. The room tone sounds different, and from where she lies she can see Sophie’s pink cell phone plugged in on the elegant white nightstand.

Natalie sits up, pushing back the long, silky hair out of her eyes. She stares down at her granddaughter’s body in eager delight. She’s wearing a simple cotton nightie, the thin straps leaving her elegant shoulders bare, the top plunging down to reveal the sensual curves of Sophie’s breasts. Even from here she can see they’re firm and full, the beautiful roundness she remembers from a younger Natalie reflected on this new body.

And the energy. God, the energy. She bounds out of bed, fully awake, and makes her way to the mirror above the dresser. Sophie’s face greets her. Those big brown eyes stare back at her, the dark lashes blinking slowly as Natalie takes in her new appearance, running her fingers along her face, tracing the shape of her nose, the smoothness of her cheeks. This body is a delight and a bright smile appears on Sophie’s reflected face, revealing her startling white teeth.

She does a few squats, bending now, enjoying the flexibility of this lithe little body. The knee pain that has been a near constant companion for months is finally gone. Natalie jumps a few times, landing on springy legs. She twirls around, kicks her leg up in the air and laughs. This is fantastic.

She’s gorgeous and young and…and…God, she’s so horny. It’s like all the sensations in her body have been turned up to maximum. She has an aching need to touch herself, to release that tension sitting in her belly. Yanking off the nightie and tossing it aside she pauses, hardly daring to breathe as she stares down at her perfect breasts. They’re perky, soft little curves that manage to fit comfortable beneath her hands when she holds herself. Natalie remembers being this firm and supple, and she strokes herself, the sensation sending delightful goosebumps along her skin.

Her hands play across her breasts, enjoying the feel of them, the heft of them, the perfect curves. Her nipples spike to attention and she takes them between her fingers, squeezing gently, exploring what this body likes. She giggles as her body burns, the sound so girlish and young.

Natalie’s hands move quicker, squeezing harder now as the desire takes hold. Her nipples are so sensitive, her breasts so erotically bouncy. Anticipation twists through her, building in her stomach and spreading up to her breasts and down between her legs. She lies on the bed, head propped on a pillow so she can stare down at her bronze body. Between her legs her new entrance is lined with curly black hair, neatly trimmed and coarse to the touch. Her fingers glide between her legs, stroking around herself, teasing without entering. Her breath comes faster, toes flexing as she runs her hands up and down her body, always returning to the perfect pussy between her legs. She’s growing wet now. She can feel it, can see it when she strokes those rubbery pussy lips. They grow loose and open for her, and soon she slides a finger along her slit, fingertips landing on her warm, silky folds.

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