The New Girl (M2F Transformation) – Preview

After trying to manipulate his ex-girlfriend into having sex, she slips Drew a potion that slowly transforms him into the woman of his dreams in The New Girl, now available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Drew is planning to meet up with his ex-girlfriend for a lat one night stand. But she has other plans and soon Drew finds himself slowly transforming into the woman of his dreams: soft, sensual and seductive. Can he turn back into a man before the transformation turns even his own thoughts towards feminine desires?

Zoey turns to look at me and her eyes go wide. “Come in, let’s go in here away from people,” She says, pulling me into a store.

I’m too wrapped up in my own changes to notice what the store is. My face feels alive, wriggling like snakes, and the hair is still growing down my back. We’re just inside the doorway and Zoey is staring at me, her hands on her mouth. I’m covering my face with my hands, trying to stop the maddening skin-crawling feeling, when suddenly it stops by itself. I drop my hands and Zoey stares up at me.

“Whoa,” she says, smiling with glee.

A young sales lady interrupts us, a blonde with a sharp face. “Can I help you ladies find anything?”

She’s looking at me oddly and I think maybe it’s because my outfit is about three sizes too large for my body now.

“No thanks, we’re just looking,” Zoey says.

The lady leaves and Zoey pulls me to the back of the store towards the changing rooms. This time when she speaks her voice is harder and she doesn’t look at me. “You hurt me, you know, when you just disappeared. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I wanted to make you feel the way I did. I wanted someone to break your heart. I hated you and I loved you and I wanted to punish you. So I did.”

“I can’t be a woman. Zoey, how could you? Please change me back. I’m sorry,” I sniff, so close to tears. I’m pleading now but why wouldn’t I?

“You don’t know sorry yet. I’ll give you the antidote when you’re really sorry.” There’s a hardness to her voice I’ve never heard in all our time together.

With that she shoves me into a changing room. There are mirrors on three sides and I’m confronted with my new image for the first time. I freeze and stare. Holy fuck, I’m gorgeous. The structure of my male face is still there but softer, the lips fuller, the eyebrows arched and slender above beautiful mocha colored eyes. I look like the sister I never had. Brown chocolate waves of silky hair cascade down over my shoulders. Little freckles dot the top of my slender nose, which now has a slight upturn. I run my hands over my cheeks, feel the roundness, the high cheekbones and sleek skin.

Zoey’s in the changing room with me, smirking at me, but I don’t care at the moment. I’m too fascinated by what’s happened to me. I pull off my shirt, then push the hair out of my eyes to stare at my own tits. Holy shit, I’ve got tits! Two beautiful teardrop shapes hang from my chest, plump and firm. Tiny pink areolae dot the end. I grasp one in each hand. My little palms hefting them as I explore. They’re heavier than I expected. Not massive, but nicely sized. The skin is warm beneath my fingers. I jiggle my breasts, watch them bob and shake hypnotically. Staring into the mirror, watching this beautiful woman playing with her breasts is mesmerizing. Sexy, even. A pleasant warmth begins winding it’s way through my body. There’s a thought that I should enjoy this body while I have it.

I kick off my shoes then yank off my socks, revealing dainty feet. I wiggle my tiny toes, marveling at the change from my old body. My pants are already halfway down my legs, and I kick them to the floor, taking my boxer shorts with them, and suddenly I’m staring at my naked image. My breath catches in my throat and one hand comes up to my tiny mouth in astonishment as my eyes travel up and down my body. Between my legs is a light thatch of brown hair, trimmed neatly into the shape of triangle that points down to…to my pussy. My mouth is suddenly dry, my heart hammering in my chest. I twist my body and stare down at my ass. Fuck, it’s amazing, a soft, little bubble butt. I glide my hands over it, feeling the smoothness, enjoying the sight of this perfect little rear that I can squeeze and fondle whenever I want. If I’d met this woman on the streets I’d be rock hard, and as it is, I feel strangely wet.

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