The Mix Up (M2F Swap) – Preview

My newest book, The Mix Up, is an erotic story of a mother and son swapping bodies and is too much incest for Amazon, so it’s a Smashwords exclusive. Preview below.

My mom’s an inventor, though most of her inventions don’t work out. That is, until, she invents a machine that accidentally swaps our bodies.

Now I’m seeing the world through her eyes, breathing through her mouth, and experiencing the world through the touch of her fingers. Being my hot mom is gross at first, but eventually my curiosity overcomes my disgust and I enjoy the full pleasure of her body.

And when I catch her doing the same in my body…well…I can’t resist the urge to show her a few things.

This 7500+ word short story contains an accidental body swap between a mother and a son, and explicit erotic incest scenes.

I took the helmet and put it on, adjusting it so the thin electrode wires on the inside were touching my head. It was uncomfortable, like wearing a dull porcupine. My mom put on the other one and adjusted it on her head, then turned to the machine. She fiddled with some buttons and a low, electronic hum began.

“Ok. Think of something simple. You think of a place you’ve been and I’ll see if I can figure out where it is.”


“Try to use all your senses. Really remember what it was like.”

She turned to watch the readout on the monitor as I closed my eyes and imagined the last time I went to the beach. I’d just learned how to surf and had worn myself out after about two hours, so I was resting on my towel. I could hear the waves crashing on the shore. Smelled the salty breeze and caught the faint calls of seagulls crying in the distance. The memory became ever more vivid. I was so relaxed and happy. I turned to my left and saw my dad next to me—he was still alive back then—also lying down and enjoying the sun. I asked him to put some more sunscreen on my back and he’d squirted it onto his hand. As he rubbed it up under my bikini strap he accidentally unhooking it. I grabbed it quickly before my breasts were exposed and—hold on. This wasn’t my memory, and yet it felt so real, like something that I did indeed remember.

“Uh, mom?”

“Hold on,” she said, typing something in, “I’m getting some interference. I’ll just see if I can adjust.”

The hum in the room grew louder.

“Mom?” I licked my lips. My hands came up to the helmet and I thought about ripping it off right then but had a sudden fear that removing it while the machine was running would make my brain explode or something. “I think we should shut it off.”

She fiddled with some dials. “We’re almost there. I just need to line up these waves.”

Waves. We swam out, laughing and splashing in the water. I got rolled by a wave and my dad pulled me up. I was laughing and spluttering. And that’s the first time I kissed him. He tasted so nice, warm and—no. No. This wasn’t my memory. It could only be–

“Mom!” I cried.

The hum increased in volume and before my mom could even turn around sparks shot from the machine. The basement lights flickered and went out, along with every other piece of equipment in the room as the fuse blew. The smell of burning rubber filled the air. It was so dark I couldn’t see a thing but I could hear both of us coughing. I unstrapped the helmet and pulled it off.

“What happened?” I asked, and froze. My voice was different. Higher pitched. Feminine.

I brought my hands to my throat and instead of feeling my stubble I only felt smooth skin.

“Andrew?” A male voice coughed out from somewhere in front of me. “Oh god. Hold on, I’ll get some light.”

I heard her scramble through the mess, bumping into things. Then there was the creak of the basement steps and finally the door was opened, letting in the light from the kitchen and illuminating a young man at the top of the stairs. It was me.

“Um…” he said, looking down at himself, “Come up here.”

I made my way towards the stairs, my body swaying and moving in strange ways. As I approached the light, I looked down at myself and confirmed my suspicions. Below my nose I saw my mom’s stained work shirt. Two tremendous breasts pressed out from beneath, jiggling slightly with each step up the stairs. My mom’s invention had caused the two of us to swap bodies.

I came up into the kitchen and found my old body, presumably with my mom inside, staring down at her hands.

“Well, this is interesting,” she said.

I sank into a kitchen chair, feeling my more padded butt squish onto the seat. Everything was so different. My body image, my sense of my self and my physical relationship to the things around me was completely off. My chest was too big. I was too short. My thighs and butt were thicker. My sense of smell must have intensified because I could still smell the faint scent of burning rubber from downstairs. I took some deep breaths, breathing in the air through mom’s nose and mouth, filling her lungs as my breasts rose on my chest.

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  1. Nice story. Really enjoyed the initial exploration in the shower of his Mom’s body. The only criticism that I have is that the sex happened rather abruptly without any real build up. Which is a minor quibble.

    Keep up the Mom-Son stories though. They are awesome and there’s not many authors out there that write about this particular topic.

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