The Ex’s Revenge

Paul’s girlfriend, Melinda, had sent him some slightly odd texts that day begging him to come over. When he arrived at her place and no one answered his knock, Paul tested the handle and found it unlocked. He opened the door and called out, ‘Melinda?’

Melinda’s voice called out from down the hallway, ‘In the living room, Paul.’

Paul stepped into the living room and found Melinda sitting on a chair in a sleek, skimpy outfit. Her large breasts fit to burst out of her top and her legs crossed, barely concealing her womanhood beneath her heavy, delicious thighs.

Karina Hart1

She stared at Paul seductively. ‘Hey Paulie, like what you see?’ She ran one hand lightly down her thighs, tracing her gorgeous curves.

Paul hated being called Paulie, it’s what his ex-girlfriend, Sue, used to call him. They’d broken up not too long ago because she was too slutty, always flirting with other guys, the final straw being rumors of a gang bang while Paul was out of town.

But to answer the question, ‘I love what I see,’ he said as he walked slowly into the room, savoring the view.

‘You like these big tits? You like these thick thighs? You want to fuck this tight pussy?’ she asked as she ran her hands over her body.

Paul smiled tentatively, confused by Melinda’s behavior, ‘What’s going on, babe? I like it, don’t get me wrong, but this is…different.’

‘But, Paulie, you liked it when you were with Sue.’

‘Stop calling me that. And Sue and I are done, babe, trust me.’

Melinda laughed, her dark eyes sparkling. ‘Oh, Paulie, this is too good, I have to tell you. I am Sue. I’ve stolen you’re little bitch’s body. And I gotta say, it feels real good.’ She slapped her ass.

‘What are you talking about?’ Paul asked, confused.

‘I found a little possession spell and I stole Melinda’s body.’

‘This isn’t funny, Melinda.’

‘No, it’s not. Certainly not as funny as you forgetting to unlock the door before you stormed out on me.’

Paul’s eyes grew wide. ‘Sue? Where’s…where’s Melinda?’

‘Oh, she’s still in here with me, I can hear her complaining.’ She slapped her head, ‘Shut up, bitch, I’m in charge now. Remember that night we broke up, Paulie? And I told you you’d never be able to leave me? I meant it.’ She leaned back and spread her legs wide. ‘Come on, let’s have one last fuck, for old time’s sake? This new pussy’s already so wet.’ Sue pulled aside her silk underpants to reveal Melinda’s glistening folds.

Karina Hart

‘No, get out of her. We’re done. Leave us the fuck alone.’

Sue made Melinda’s face frown. ‘No, we’re not done. And you’re going to fuck me now or else I’m going to go to town on Melinda’s body. I’ll go down to the bar and fuck every single guy there. I’ll have strangers cum all over your pretty little girlfriend’s tits and walk naked through the streets and let every single person I meet have their way with this body. Has this little ass ever had a cock inside it? I’ll fucking fill it. I will ruin her reputation if you don’t fuck me right now.’

Paul was stuck. ‘Look, wait…don’t…listen, if we fuck just this once, will you get out of her body?’

She smiled, ‘That’s all I want.’

Paul reluctantly approached Sue. She slid Melinda’s hand inside Paul’s pants and grabbed his cock, which despite himself, stiffened at her expert touch. She stroked his shaft, up and down, licking her lips with anticipation as Paul’s cock grew hard. Then she guided him down, across her ample breasts and towards her waiting folds.

Sue was right about one thing, Melinda’s body was already wet, Paul easily slid inside her, felt her hot wetness surround his cock. He began thrusting as Sue urged him on in Melinda’s voice, growing more breathless as Paul pounded faster, harder, holding her legs in the air and slamming his cock deep inside her pussy, hate-fucking Sue as she moaned in Melinda’s low voice, her cries rising higher and higher until at last Paul could stand it no longer and he released, spasming his load into Melinda’s slick pussy as she cried out in ecstasy. When Paul was empty he stood up and stared down at her as she continued playingwith her new pussy.

‘Okay,’ Paul said, ‘You had your fun, now get out.’

‘Oh, Paulie,’ Sue said, ‘it’s too late for that. When you came in me you sealed the spell, Melinda’s body is mine forever.’

‘You fucking bitch! You think everything’s gonna be okay now just because you look different?’

She sat forward and looked up at Paul with big, brown baby doll eyes. ‘It will be, because I’ll be the best slutty girlfriend you ever had.’ She brought her cum drenched fingers to her mouth and sucked on them. ‘I’ll let you do anything you want to this perfect little body.’

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  1. Oh, my! What a possessive bitch! (yeah! It’s intended.) Trapping poor Melinda in her own body with no control over Sue’s wanton ways with her wondrous womanhood! After all, she didn’t do anything to Sue, and I’m sure she’s virtually screaming to be set free of Sue’s control over her body!
    And, on that note: I cannot help but imagine that the salacious spell-caster has a little something else up her sleeve – or wherever – to make sure Paul is always close to her.

    I do appreciate your appreciation of my “epELLEogues”, M! And I’ve been meaning to make a caption for you to post on my blog as a promo for yours, steering readers here to enjoy your captivating captions. (Although, I’m not the most prolific or timely at getting caps done.)
    So, toward that end, is there something in particular you might like me to do with/for/to you in a caption, or would you like me to compose a “part 2” for this piece which I will instruct readers to come here first to see your delicious beginning?
    You have my email, I believe so, think about it and let me know. (also, I’m not sure if I can have follow-up comments from here show up in my email.)


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