The Device (M2F Transformation) Preview

Two guys find a device that can transform them into anyone, and they use it to become their own dream girls in The Device , available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Ken and George have been best friends for years. They’re both smart, nerdy, and complete virgins. But when they find a mysterious alien artifact that can transform them into their fantasy women, everything changes.

Now these two guys are about to enjoy a whole new world of experience as they morph each other into gorgeous women and explore their feminine sides in the most intimate ways. The device can do more than transform them physically. It can also change their needs and desires, turning them into vivacious man-hungry bimbos. As far as Ken and George are concerned, that just adds to their pleasure.

With Ken leading the way, the two guys snuck back to the tree house, careful to not be seen by anyone else. When they arrived, Ken dropped his backpack on the floor and pulled out the sheet of drawing paper he’d worked on last night.

“What’s that?” George asked.

“A test.”

Ken held the paper up the scanner. The red scanner light didn’t start immediately and Ken impatiently pressed some of the lights on the door, changing the pattern of diodes. Finally, the red light shot out and the door of the machine opened. Ken did a little dance, unable to contain his excitement. “Get in.”

“What is it?” George asked.

“Trust me. Just get in.”

“Oooookay. Just get a picture of me first. I don’t want to have to come back as a vampire again.”

Ken snapped a photo and George stepped into the machine slowly. The door slid shut. There was a faint whirring sound. A few seconds later, George stepped out and Ken stared at his creation with wide eyes and a rising dick.

Standing in the doorway of the machine was Amy, wearing the prom dress from the picture that Ken had meticulously drawn and enhanced. The face was unmistakably hers, slightly wide but with delicate Asian features, almond-shaped eyes and ruby red lips. Thick framed glasses perched on a meticulously crafted nose. She looked every bit the sexy nerd she did in real life. But, where in real life the dress had hung straight down her flat form, George’s new body had basketball sized, gravity-defying breasts. Each one was bigger than Amy’s head and the thin straps of the dress barely covered her nipples. The only thing preventing her breasts from spilling out of her dress was hope.

George looked down at himself, gaping at the mountainous tits beneath him. “What the fuck?” he cried in Amy’s tiny voice. His hands came up to his massive breasts and he felt himself up, jiggling his huge, natural tits. They were so big he couldn’t see down past them and they jutted out from his chest, pulling him forward. Yet, somehow, they felt natural. They bobbed back and forth gently as George pushed and prodded them. He only looked up when he heard the click of Ken’s camera phone.

“Whoa, hey–” George cried. He started to advance towards Ken but lost his balance and tipped over.

Ken stepped forward to grab him and George clutched at his friend. Ken steadied him, George’s huge breasts pressing against Ken’s chest and causing an ache deep inside him. The dress had slipped off George’s tits, and Ken stared down at his friend’s cleavage. He took a handful of one of George’s breasts and fondled him, lightly pinching the skin in his hand. George’s breasts had a nice weighty softness to them.

“I did a good job,” Ken marveled.

“Who am I?” George asked, pushing himself off Ken and readjusting his dress to cover his breasts, but it was hopeless. His breasts were too big and the dress too small.

“You’re Amy.”

“My brother’s girlfriend? But…” George gestured to his massive chest.

“I made some…improvements.” Ken pulled up the photos he’d just taken and handed the phone to George. “The device can turn you into a real person from a drawing!”

George stared down at the image of the woman he’d become. He ran his hand around his face slowly, as if he couldn’t believe it. Ken moved close and wrapped his hands around his friend’s waist.

“I thought we could, you know, enjoy her together.”

George pulled away, but Ken sensed hesitation in his movements. George tucked his dark hair behind a delicate ear. “I…I don’t know.”

Ken wrapped his arms around George from behind, clasped his hands around George’s waist and lay his head on George’s shoulder to whisper into his ear. “You’ve always wanted to see Amy naked, just like me.” Ken’s hands came up to George’s breasts and he grasped them lightly, fingers moving around his friend’s warm skin. “I made these breasts. Let me just fuck them a little.”

George bit his lip and pressed his butt back against his friend’s erection. Ken hefted George’s breasts in each hand, enjoying their weight, the way they spilled out of his hands and hung over the neck of the dress. He held George tighter, rubbing his cock up against the light swell of his friend’s delicious new ass.

“Okay,” George finally whispered, “But then I get to change you into someone.”

“Deal,” Ken agreed.

He kissed Amy’s neck, biting gently as he move down her shoulder, then back up to her hair. He inhaled the delightful tropical fruity scent of her, the scent that was unmistakably her. His cock throbbed once against Amy’s taut ass, before he gently slid the strap of her dress off each shoulder. George shrugged the dress to the floor and turned to face his friend, looking up with a mischievous grin on Amy’s face. She had the face of an adorable geek and the body of a teen’s wet dream. Beneath her dress was a black bra and garters. Ken was now a head taller than his friend and looking down at her tiny body filled Ken with a desire to sweep her up, to cover her with himself from head to toe, to take her and tame her and make her his.

Ken grabbed the new Amy and pulled her close, their lips meeting, as Ken slid one hand down the small of Amy’s back, over the gentle curve of her ass to cup one cheek. George wrapped his own arms around Ken as they kissed, pressing his tits against Ken’s chest. Amy tasted of cherries and chocolate, her tongue warm as she slipped into his mouth and circled around, tasting him just as he tasted her. George seemed right at home in Amy’s body, any hesitation vanished as Ken fondled his friend’s feminine form, squeezed and gripped and held tight every curve, devouring Amy’s body through touch alone. He unstrapped Amy’s bra and she shrugged it to the floor, freeing his hefty breasts. The nipples rose at Ken’s touch as he slid his fingers over and under his friend’s tits.

When Ken couldn’t stand it anymore, when his cock was aching painfully against his pants, he lay Amy down on the futon and unzipped his pants. Ken gripped his cock, stroking slowly as he stared down at the beautiful half Japanese woman on the floor below him. George pressed Amy’s arms against her body so that her breasts were held up in the air, spilling down over each arm. Her skin was flawless, the curves of her hips and her ass exaggerated slightly, just as Ken had drawn. Her legs were long and shapely, and the perfect triangle of pubic hair nestled between her legs was picturesque. But those breasts. God, how Ken wanted those breasts.

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