The bully wins

Request: Can you do one in which a boy named Liam is being bullied by a guy called mike and he decides to use a possession spell on him to dump his girlfriend because mike is always bragging about how good she sucks dick. The spell goes wrong and Liam is in the girlfriends body and he ends up sucking mikes dick


  1. I have a feeling that he is going to be a female for life.
    I will try to 💔 from the relationship, or keep my new boyfriend for myself . I will find a way to make him into a better person. All bullies are the same, and they come from a broken family. True love can turn Darth Vader back into Anakin Skywalker. The whole Harry Potter story will have never happened if a little Tom Riddle Jr. was Adopted at the age of 5 by a loving family. Maybe he could have end up in House 🟡🍷🦡 instead of House

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