That’s not how unstable isotopes work



  1. Yeah, gurlz, but physics just has a way of reaching equilibrium over time, and I cannot help but expect that the more they switch randomly, the more that laws not-yet quantified will tend toward making their lives more… Even. Perhaps…

    “…and come he did! But, so did his sister’s boyfriend! And the fact that neither Eve nor Chris had managed to keep track of her menstrual cycle during their impromptu swaps did not help the situation – Unless you consider the addition of mass to the core of “Eve’s” body something that might be defined as “help” – since the couple had not bothered to use ‘protection’, thinking that ‘Eve’ had not take her placebo-dose.

    After logging the halt in their random swaps for six weeks – as well as Chris’s delay in menstruation, coupled with the profound morning-sickness – their dad pronounce that the addition of Adam’s isotopes to those of his daughter’s body were what stabilized ‘her’ isotopes…despite the fact that it was Chris who happened to occupy her flesh at the time…”


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