That B*itch From Work (Preview)

Felix is stuck in the body of his girlfriend’s rival and she uses the situation to humiliate the little bitch. But Felix’s body is responding in ways neither of them expect in That Bitch From Work. Now available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Felix smiled. “It’s not so bad. I can make Tess do anything. We can embarrass the hell out of her. This is your chance, Anna.”

Anna sat forward and put her hand on her chin, staring thoughtfully at Felix. His plan to make her feel better had seemed to work, and now she was eyeing him up and down.

“Unbutton your dress,” she finally said.

Felix unclasped the top front button of his dress and peeled it down so that it draped at his side, revealing his cream bra. They both looked down at his body and Felix admired himself for the first time. Tess may have been a bitch but she had one hell of a body. He felt eyes on him and looked up at a man sitting at the nearest table just in time to see the man’s eyes glance away. Felix’s cheeks blushed red. It may have been someone else’s body but it was still very much Felix inside, and he himself had never been an exhibitionist. But now Anna was staring at him with a look of pure delight.

“Oh, shit, I can really make you do anything.”

“Anna, it is still me and I don’t–”

“Shut up,” Anna hissed. “Look at yourself. You’re a shrimp. A weakling. You’ll do what I tell you to do.”

“Anna come on.” Felix said, his voice trembling. Suddenly, he understood it had been a mistake to tempt Anna like this. He tried to put the genie back in the bottle. “Let’s go home and we can–”

“No.” Anna said simply. “You do what I say or you don’t come home.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean?” She mimicked his high pitched voice. “I mean, your name’s not on the lease. I can have the police evict you for trespassing if you step one disgusting foot into my apartment without my permission. Now, you’ll do what I say. Oh, this is going to be fun.”

“But Anna–”

“No. You call me ‘Mistress’. And if I want your opinion I’ll give it to you, you stupid bitch. Understand?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes…Mistress.” Felix frowned.

“Good.” Anna nodded and sat back in her chair, one leg crossed over the other. “Now to show you I’m not totally cruel, I want you to finger yourself until you cum.”

“Here?” Felix gulped.

“Enjoy the street,” Anna said, and she made to get up.

“Wait. Wait.”

“Wait, what?” She glared, hands still on the table and ready to push away.

“Wait…Mistress.” He had little choice.

And he was more than a little curious.

Felix looked down at Tess’s body, his eyes fixed on her perfect breasts—his perfect breasts—clasped by the strapless silk bra. The delicate-looking hooks down the front were the only thing holding the bra closed. He brought his hands up and placed them on his tits as Anna sat back in her seat and watched from behind her wine glass. Felix squeezed his breasts experimentally. They were small but perky, and firm beneath his fingers. Tess couldn’t have been much out of college and her skin was smooth and nearly flawless. The odd mole here and there only serving to highlight how lovely her skin was. Felix could already see his little nipples perking up beneath the fabric, could already feel the first stirrings of longing between his legs.

His nimble fingers undid the clasp and the bra fell away, letting his amazing breasts hang down from his chest. They were breathtaking: little tear drop shapes, strawberry-pink areolae, firm but bouncy. Felix jiggled his chest and he and Anna watched his tits bounce up and down. He took one in each hand, cupping his breasts gently. They were wonderfully firm and barely filled his hand. He ran his thumbs back and forth across each sensitive nipple, exploring himself. Pleasure unfolded between his legs as he fondled Tess’s boobs, watched her own hands feeling herself up.

He pinched Tess’s tiny nipples, pulling them away slightly and releasing them to watch them snap back into place, sighing gently as little shivers rolled down his spine. His nipples grew perky and ever more sensitive as he plucked them and released them. He sucked on his thumb and forefingers, tasting Tess’s delicious salty skin, before squeezing his nipples again. The saliva lubricated his fingers and he tweaked them over and over, the gentle pain meeting the pleasure slowly uncurling within his body. It was fun playing with Tess’s breasts, watching this beautiful woman touch herself under Felix’s control just as he’d wanted to do the moment he saw her in the office. He hoped Anna didn’t know how much he was truly enjoying this.

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