Terms and Conditions (MtF Transformation)

Two teens find a website that lets them create their ideal women from the best parts of all their classmates, only to discover themselves gradually transforming into those women. Terms and Conditions is available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Simon and Toby are the least popular seniors in school. They’re picked on by the bullies, ignored by the cheerleaders, and barely tolerated by the teachers. At this rate, they’ll be virgins forever.

It’s a stroke of luck that they find a website that claims it can generate the image of their dream women just by uploading pictures and circling the parts they want. The two guys jump at the chance, using photos of the school students and teachers to create their ultimate desires. For Simon, it’s a slender blonde cheerleader with a tight, athletic body. For Toby, it’s a voluptuous MILF with curves for days.

But they don’t read the terms and conditions of the site and are surprised to find themselves slowly transforming into their own fantasies. Simon’s changes start from the neck down, while Toby transforms from the bottom up.

It’s nice at first, being able to explore these perfect bodies in real life and they enjoy the pleasure of their new forms. But as the changes advance and start affecting their minds, the two guys become desperate to find a way back to their old lives before it’s too late.

This 11,000+ word story contains themes of slow magical transformations, body morphing, and erotic solo and couple scenes.

“Come on. Let’s get up to your room before–” Simon said, and then between one word and the next his voice changed, becoming higher pitched and sweeter, taking on the lovely dulcet tones of Kylie. “–anything else transforms.”

He stopped, grabbing his throat and staring back at Toby in wonderment. Toby’s mouth dropped open, his eyes flicked down to his friend’s petite hand clasping his neck. Simon saw where he was looking and quickly hid his transformed hand behind his back.

“I think–” Toby began, and his voice, too, was changed. It was huskier, rough and ready but still feminine in a way that intimated a deep sexiness. “–something else already has.”

The two boys hurried up through the house and locked themselves in Toby’s bedroom. Even being in his familiar mess didn’t help Toby feel better. He rushed to the blocky desktop computer perched atop his messy desk.

“Come on. Boot it up.” Simon commanded, though it was hard to take him seriously with such a girlish voice.

Toby took a seat while Simon paced back and forth behind him, gazing down at his hands. Both of them had now changed into women’s hands. He stroked the skin on the back of one hand slowly, awed at how soft it felt. At least he’d chosen both hands from the same person. There was an excitement building within him as he realized he was stroking the hand of his classmate. A hand that would have otherwise recoiled at his touch was now his to feel at his leisure. He followed the changes up the smooth, toned skin of his arm until they met his fat, sloping shoulder. If his whole upper body was changing it wouldn’t be long until–

There was pressure on his chest. Two somethings were growing, pressing against his shirt, making it tent out even as his stomach tickled and shrank. Breasts. He could see them growing as he stared down at himself. His shirt draped across them, much deflated now with the loss of his fat stomach. Well, deflated beneath those perky breasts. Each nipple indented the fabric. With Toby immersed in his hunt for the login, Simon clutched his stomach as it gurgled. It was definitely smaller. The last of the flab disappeared beneath his groping fingers. He felt abs—actual abs!—beneath. But more disconcerting even than the breasts or the abs, he could feel his insides rearranging themselves. Had he taken the ovaries and Fallopian tubes of whoever’s stomach this was as well?

“I gotta pee,” Simon said, rushing out of the room without waiting for a reply, blushing as he did so to hear his sweet voice say something so crude.

His new tits bounced lightly as he hurried down the hallway. Flipping on the bathroom light, he locked the door and turned to the mirror. Kylie’s face stared back at him, now mirroring his open-mouthed gape. Gone was the arrogant bitch, replaced with an astonished blonde sexpot.

Tiffany Love, his mind insisted, I’m becoming Tiffany Love.

But Tiffany Love was fictional. An amalgamation of all the body parts he lusted after put together on one woman. And now he was changing into that body. The perfect body. He had to see it.

Simon yanked off his hoodie and threw it to the floor, quickly followed by his shirt. The movement sent his breasts bouncing again and he stared down at them. It was hard to believe that these were someone else’s tits hanging from his chest, someone else’s fingers stroking them, running down the warm skin to someone else’s abs. Returning his gaze to the mirror, he saw that his entire upper half had transformed.

He tossed the silky blonde hair back behind his shoulder and grabbed his tits greedily. They were small enough to take in both hands but so fun to play with. He bounced them up and down, marveling at how firm they felt. Simon had always thought real tits would be like water balloons but these had a nice heft and a completely different solidity. He squeezed them beneath his petite hands, his fingers dimpling the perfect skin. He clutched and released them, smacked them lightly from side to side, jiggled his chest and watched them move. He’d never seen breasts in real life before and he delighted in doing everything to his new tits that he’d always dreamed of doing. They were as fun to watch as they were to feel. His pants were so tight, his cock straining against them. He still had a cock, at least.

Simon unbuttoned his pants and kicked them off, followed by his boxers. His familiar cock stood at attention, rock hard already. He grabbed it with his new fingers. His classmate’s fingers.

Holy fuck, Michelle from his Spanish class was stroking his cock.

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