Taking: A Body Possession Story Collection

Introducing Taking: A Body Possession Story Collection, now available on Smashwords and Amazon.

This collection contains three explicit erotic stories of people possessing others for their own pleasure.

In Taking a Girlfriend a guy hires strippers to possess his girlfriend for a night and make her do anything he wants. But things take a turn when one doesn’t want to leave.

In Taking a Stranger a body hopper becomes smitten with a woman he sees in a restaurant and takes over her body in order to have a little fun as part of a girls night out.

In Taking a Crush a man hops into the body of his crush and wakes her mind so she can share in his pleasure.

These stories contain female to female, and male to female body possessions as well as explicit sexual imagery.

Here’s a short preview:

The first thing people think when they see Emma is: ‘Wow, she’s gorgeous!’

The second think they think is: ‘Why the hell is she with that guy?’

That guy” is her boyfriend, Mike, who seems to exist just to end all doubts that opposites attract. Emma is sexy in a laid-back way with her long, wavy blonde hair, her infectious laugh and her incredible body tucked away beneath an outfit that looks both hip and effortlessly casual. Mike is almost aggressively grubby with dark, slicked back hair and a tight white t-shirt that practically screams at you to gape at his muscular physique. Emma has a long, dark-featured face with a swooping, ski slope of a nose that is just on the beautiful side of unusual. Mike has a nose that’s been broken at least once in a fight together with what seems like a permanent leer on his face. Emma’s friends don’t understand what she sees in him and even Mike’s parent’s, if they’re honest, don’t quite get the relationship.

‘She is one hot piece of ass,’ Mike’s dad says to him. Like father like son.

What people don’t get is that Emma takes Mike’s aggressive jibes as insecurity and interprets that as a desire to protect her. She thinks that Mike’s love for her is so great that he’ll get involved in a drunken brawl because he thought someone was hitting on her and he wants to protect her honor. Mike, however, just likes fighting. And sex. He really, really likes sex and doesn’t want anyone else to have it with Emma. Emma likes sex, too, sometimes. But not too adventuresome and not too often. It drives Mike crazy how Emma only likes missionary and the occasional doggy-style. He loves taking her from behind and relishes the few times she lets him, staring at her beautiful bent- over form, watching his cock slide inside her warmth, disappearing beneath her thick butt cheeks. Mike constantly begs her to indulge his kinks but even the basics are difficult.

‘I just don’t like the taste in my mouth,’ she says as a preface to Mike’s annual birthday blowjob before primly pursing her lips and reluctantly taking him into her mouth.

Mike wants handcuffs and anal and blow jobs and wild, rough, dangerous sex. Emma wants to stare passionately into his eyes as they make love in the missionary position. There are probably candles and incense somewhere in the room but they have nothing to do with the lovemaking, much to Mike’s chagrin.

‘She’s laid back everywhere but in the bedroom. And then she only lays back if you know what I’m saying,’ Mike complains to his friends.

Mike blows off steam by going to a strip club every Friday after work. He’s a regular; knows all the girls by name. He doesn’t even have to flash his VIP card and they bring him free drinks to get the night started.

Meanwhile, Emma has a quiet evening with her parents or her friends. She’s never been all that wild and maybe that’s another reason she likes Mike. He’s the bad boy that nobody understands. The one her dad warned her about. She’s young still, only 25, so her parents assure themselves that she still has time to finish up this little mistake with Mike and move on. After all, she’s got a great start to a career as a day shift manager for a prestigious local hotel.

‘She’s bound to meet someone else sooner or later,’ Emma’s mom tells people.

Like many thing in life for Mike and Emma, things are normal until they day they aren’t. Mike is working his shift at the auto shop installing overpriced oil filters on a cherry red VW owned by some yuppie chick. It’s a simple job that Mike can practically do in his sleep. The service comes with other bullshit ‘extras’ that only serve to make the inflated price seem reasonable, like checking the tire pressure and refilling the window wiper fluid.

Mike pops the trunk to check the spare tire. There’s a ratty looking cardboard box stuffed with books that splits open when he pushes it aside, spilling the books across the inside of the trunk. The covers are strange looking landscapes and the titles seem to be in various foreign languages Mike can’t recognize. One piece of paper escapes from a book, the edges feathered where it was ripped out. The strange, faintly glittering writing on the page catches Mike’s eye. He almost swears that the words are foreign and only rearrange themselves into English as he looks at it. It’s titled simply: Body Possession.

Mike stuffs the paper into his pocket as Stan, the manager, comes over to check up on him.

‘Everything o-k-kay here?’ Stan stutters, eyeing Mike warily.

Stan’s a tall, thin nervous man with a wispy blonde mustache. He’s never quite trusted Mike after he found him overcharging a customer. Mike played it off as a mistake. Fortunately, he hadn’t gotten around to pocketing the money yet so there was nothing for Stan to catch. But after that Mike had to drastically reduce the amount of money he stole and it was really putting a crimp in his strip club lifestyle.

‘Yep, no problem, Stan my man.’

Mike shoots Stan a lazy salute. It’s not exactly mocking him but it’s close. Stan lets him off with a warning look. He’s not one for face-to-face conflict but he’ll probably bring it up at the next morning meeting. Prick.

Mike finishes the rest of the day without incident and heads out to the strip club afterwards. Mike is in a private room at the back with Shyla, a slightly chubby Asian with big puffy lips and even bigger fake tits, when he reaches into his pocket for more money. As he pulls out a small wad, the piece of paper he took from the car flutters to the floor. It seems to glow in the dark light of the private room and he picks it up. There are bits of pocket fluff and a long, golden hair from Emma stuck to the edges. He stares hard at the writing, trying to make sense of what he’s seeing. A part of him understands this is powerful. Shyla notices he’s ceased paying attention to her so she stops gyrating and sits down on his lap to look at the paper with him.

‘What this?’ she asks him in her broken English, tinged with a heavy Mandarin accent.

‘I don’t know,’ Mike says. Beneath the words ‘Body Possession’ are some brief instructions about how the spell must be invoked with a part of each person to be switched placed in two emerald circles on the page. Emma’s strand of hair wafts against Mike’s fingers and he has an idea. There’s no way this can work but what does he lose in trying?

He reaches up and runs his hands through Shyla’s hair. She coos over-dramatically and closes her eyes, acting as though his simple touch has brought her to the edge of orgasm. Mike pinches a single strand of her hair and yanks it out.

Shyla blurts out a short string of curse words in Mandarin but Mike ignores her. He puts the two strands of hair in their respective circles and recites the spell. The writing doesn’t seem to be made of actual words, more like a string of letters and he pronounces them phonetically, filling in the two blanks with the names associated with the two strands of hair as instructed.

‘No-le-zar seem-buku embu-lef-ent trap-in-tine Shyla sarzala waif Emma.’

There’s no flash of light, no puff of smoke, just an absence in the room. Mike looks up and realizes that Shyla has gone. He didn’t see her sneak out and he hopes he didn’t kill her. But if so, he doesn’t want to take the blame. He hastily exits the club without saying his usual round of goodbyes and drives home, wondering who will be waiting for him.

He opens the door to his house and is immediately accosted by Emma, or her body anyway. She’s wearing her cute, pink pajamas and her long, blonde hair is unkempt. There’s a fire in her eyes as she yells at him in broken Mandarin-accented English.

‘What you do me? Who I am? How you do this?’

Mike chuckles. He can’t help it. There’s something funny about seeing his tall, blonde, obviously American girlfriend yelling at him in broken English.

‘Whoa, whoa whoa,’ Mike says, ‘Calm down. You’re in my girlfriend’s body. Your name is Emma. That piece of paper I read, that was a spell. You know? Magic?’

She nods, her eyes wide. She’s missing the intelligence in her eyes that Emma usually has and there’s something satisfying to Mike in seeing his smart, in-control girlfriend looking so dumb and weak.

‘You’ll change back later,’ Mike doesn’t know if this is true but there’s something he badly wants. ‘But first you need to do something for me. Get on your knees and give me a blowjob.’


‘Look, I’ll even pay you. When you get back to your body, that is. It’s not even your body, so what do you care?’

It doesn’t take much convincing before Shyla drops her new body to her knees and places Emma’s face level with Mike’s crotch. She unzips his pants and wraps Emma’s fingers around Mike’s manhood. It pulses and grows in her hand as she takes it out and holds it in front of her face. Shyla places Emma’s lips on Mike’s swollen head and kisses slowly, then sticks out her tongue and takes long licks up and down his shaft. Mike doesn’t know if Shyla actually likes this or if she’s a good actress but the look on Emma’s face of sheer joy as she worships Mike’s manhood is all he’s ever wanted. When Mike’s shaft is slick with her saliva, Shyla forces Emma’s lips apart and swallows him, inch by inch as Mike watches his cock disappear between her soft lips, surrounded by her wet heat, her slippery tongue gliding along his glans. She pushes her lips down, down, until her nose presses against Mike’s pubes and she has him entirely in her mouth, something the real Emma would never do. Emma’s body looks amazing with her lips wrapped around his cock, sucking for all she’s worth. The tension grips his body as he stares, mesmerized, at his girlfriend vigorously swallowing his manhood.

Mike wraps his hands through her blonde hair and slowly guides her up and down his shaft, the tension building within him as her tongue glides up and down. He forces her down harder, faster, gripping her hair and pushing her onto himself as she makes wet slurping noises. It’s the first time Mike’s ever seen Emma enjoy being used like this and it drives him over the top, the tension suddenly releasing and he pulls Emma’s head back forcefully as he explodes onto her pretty face. Each spurt of his cock sending a wave of hot cum over her nose, her eyes, her cheeks, her lips, until she’s coated in him and it drips down into the sweet valley of Emma’s chest. God, she looks like such a hot little cockwhore all covered with his cum.

If it had been the real Emma there would have been a huge fight. But Shyla just accepts it, looking up at him with Emma’s eyes, as if pleading with him for more as the cum drips down her face. Mike enjoys watching Emma’s humiliated body for a bit longer. Mike soon releases her and she goes to clean herself. With no clear idea of what to do next, they go to bed.

Check out Taking: A Body Possession Story Collection to see what happens next. Available on Smashwords and Amazon.


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