Take my wife, please

I park the car on the street outside Dan’s house. My heart beats rapidly -I’m so nervous- and I take a few deep breaths to calm down. I angle the rear view mirror to check my appearance one last time. I’ve only been in my wife’s body for an hour so it’s still disconcerting to see her face reflected back at me. I look at Karen’s two dark, almond shaped eyes, the delicate curve of her nose and her perfectly sculpted eyebrows all controlled by me, for the time being. She’s back at home, asleep in my body, and the shopkeeper at that odd store assured me she’d stay fast asleep while the potion was in effect.

I stare into my wife’s reflection, her familiar hazel eyes temporarily mine, and wish that it didn’t have to come to this but it’s the only way I could think of. We’d tried IVF twice but it didn’t take and we just didn’t have the heart, or the money, for another round. Tests had determined that the problem was mine, but we still wanted it so much. It turns out, the solution was mine also.


On my way home from work two weeks ago I’d found an odd shop tucked away down a small alley I’d never noticed before. On a whim I ducked in. The store was filled with an odd assortment of antiques and what looked like little bags of herbs drying everywhere. I was about to leave when the shopkeeper came out and offered me this potion, like he knew what my problem was and told me this could solve it. It would let me swap bodies with whichever two people drank it, leaving my original body fast asleep while I roamed about in my borrowed one. The spell would last until I fell asleep. I had no reason to believe him…and yet, there had been something about that shop, an imperceptible yet oddly present buzzing in the air, almost as if a thousand people were murmuring just beyond the edge of hearing.

I hid the potion in my bedside drawer and mulled it over for a week before making a decision, then spent the next several days putting my plan in motion. My wife would never agree to the plan, so I didn’t tell her. Saturday night I slipped the potion into her drink before we made love. Afterwards I held her, each of us still basking the warm afterglow until I drifted to sleep.

I woke up quite suddenly, this time in my wife’s body. I slipped out of my old body’s arms and made my way to the bathroom, noticing the rhythm of this body which, while different, I found I assumed quite naturally . I stared at my new reflection in the bathroom mirror from my long, dark hair still mussed from the sex, down my perky breasts, my lithe frame to my silky smooth legs. I cleaned myself off and dressed in my wife’s cutest outfit, the slinky white dress that teased just enough of her to make me want more.

And so here I am at the home of Dan, my best friend. He doesn’t know who I really am, he just thinks my wife is into him and that the two of us have an agreement about sex with others. I get out of the car and walk up the path towards his door, somehow the beating of my heart seems louder than the clicking of my heels. My wife’s cute, little ass swishes naturally as I walk up the steps. I tuck the hair behind my ears, then ring the bell.

Seconds later Dan opens the door and smiles. He’s taller than me -taller than my wife anyway- ruggedly handsome, dark hair, chiselled jaw, dimples. I never noticed how hot his dimples made him look before. Is that my thought or my wife’s?

“Hi Kirsten, come on in.”

I can feel the lust radiating off him as I walk in the door and I think I like it. There’s a bottle of wine on the coffee table and the lights are down low. He’s been waiting.

We sip and talk. We’re both nervous. He watches me intently, and I deliberately allow my dress to slide up my legs. But it soon becomes clear he’s waiting for me to make the first move. I have to do this and I have to do it fast before I back out.

I lean forward and kiss him, my quivering lips press against his. I slide one hand over his stubbly cheek and suddenly he’s kissing me back. His hands caress my soft body as his tongue explores my welcoming mouth. He pulls away and stares at me, one hand under my chin as he softly traces my full lips with his thumb, drinking me in.



I feel a warmth deep inside as he stands and leads me into his bedroom. He strokes my hair, my breasts, my waist as he kisses his way down my neck. I close my eyes as a sigh escapes me. My new body responds almost automatically. Wicked thoughts flit through me, things I want to do, things I want done. He helps me out of my dress and lays me back on the bed, then continues his soft kisses down my neck. Each peck an electric tightening, a wonderful tense warmth blossoming deep inside me. I close my eyes and slide my hands over his masculine shoulders as he continues kissing his way down my wife’s petite body. My petite body.



My hesitance leaves me. I want to explore this feeling, explore my new body, every exciting sensation. Dan is enjoying this too, I can tell. The way he takes his time. The way he stops every now and then to stare in amazement at my body, as though it’s the most amazing thing he’s ever seen, as though all that he wants in the world is to devour me. And I want to let him.

His strong hands grip me, holding my hips firmly as he kisses down to my moistening pussy.



His tongue darts in and out inside me, playing with me, ratcheting up the sweet tension. Then up and down, gently licking my clit with short teasing strokes, followed by long, firm caresses as I get wet. My new body joyfully responds to his loving strokes and I writhe in ecstasy. He holds my thighs, pins my legs open wide with his firm grip so he can continue to feast. My breath comes fast and I moan in my wife’s high pitched voice, a cry of pleasure I’ve heard so many times before and now it’s I who am making it.

I gasp again and again as the pleasure pulses up my body, filling me, each beat pushing me closer to a climax and I can feel myself dripping wet and wound tight and I can’t hold it in and with a mighty cry I come undone. I buck my hips but he grabs me firmly and the restriction only serves to make me cum harder. Slowly I come down, but not all the way.

I look down my wife’s body and he looks back from my borrowed pussy, his chin dripping wet. He stands and pulls off his pants, then kneels back onto the bed. I crawl towards him, drawn irresistibly to the bulge in his briefs. Curiosity and lust overwhelms me, my wife’s body is in control, her feelings are mine. I take his cock out and look at it and before I can think I slide it between my lips.



His hot shaft fills my tiny mouth. I glide my mouth up and down his delicious firm softness. Lick and kiss the head, then swallow it again, seeing how far down I can go, how much I can take. I want it all. This powerful cock is mine and I eagerly suck him off. Tasting his manly odor as my borrowed pussy manages to get even wetter. It’s dripping down my thighs now. I want him in me. I need him in me. He senses it and pushes me belly first onto the bed.


He kneels over me and grabs my breast. He slides his cock inside me and fills my emptiness. I close my eyes and feel him slowly pump his thick cock in and out of my new pussy. His yearning for my body drives him on as he pumps faster, and I lean into him, our bodies pumping together rhythmically. In and out of this sweet, little body that is mine for now.


That wonderful tenseness builds again and I thrust backwards with more vigor. I want to impale myself on his cock. I want every inch inside me. He pumps faster, our breathing speeds up and then he’s pounding me, slamming his cock into my slick cunt as I grip him and whisper “harder” and somehow he does, grunting, his hot breath on my face as he slams me again and again and I’m rising and it’s just the two of us, pleasure fulfilled as we rise together and then we both cry out and his cock spasms inside me and I’m filled with his hot seed and I grip his cock with my pussy, needing more, I milk it of every last drop until I’m full with his cum and he collapses on top of me but still inside.

I lay there for a minute, feeling him still inside me. Reluctantly I pull away, his cum drips down my thigh and I look at him.

“Thank you,” I whisper, “I have to go now.”

“Sure, any time.” he says.

“Remember,” I say, “This was just a one time thing.”


I get dressed and he sees me to the door. As I walk back to my car I hope I’m right. I hope I’ve gotten my wife’s body pregnant. Although a small part of me hopes I have to do this again.




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