Switching Campus

Be sure and check out my novella Switching Campus. 5 hot sex stories in one as a bully causes chaos on campus!


  1. I finally got it and it was worth the wait! What a story! It is written in a great format that lets you branch off into side stories (generally very hott!) or continue on in the main story. I am enjoying every second of this, it is worth well more than the asking price…Thank you M! XOXOXO

  2. It looks like a great story and I’m dying to read it, I’m just not sure how I can buy it anonymously from Amazon. Any ideas? I LOVE your work:)

  3. I bought this book from Amazon and I must say; it exceeded my expectations! VERY well done. Well written, with interesting characters. Frankie drives the plot which is vital, particularly in a short story, the situations were interesting, and even though there were several parts I thought were funny there was a dark undercurrent.

    My only complaint is that 19,000 words was too short for this idea. I wish you’d written this into a 50,000 word story.

    Well Done!


    1. Wow, I’m flattered! I considered making it longer and had a few more scenes but I was worried it would never get finished that way -good old procrastination. Maybe I’ll come back and revisit it sometime.

      I read some of your stuff on fictionmania, it’s very well written and some interesting ideas. I take it you’re more into swaps/transformations brought on by technology?

      1. Now I’m flattered. I’m mostly into body swaps. I’d say the vast majority of my stuff is magic. By far the stuff that’s gotten the most reads and reviews is magic. The “Security Consultant” books, the “Bounty Hunter” trilogy and “Assassins” are some of my most popular books. I’m pretty proud of my AF: “Bodyguard” story, (I think that might be the most complete book I’ve written). “Bodyguard is magic, set in the AF universe, but then the main two characters end up in the world of Middle Earth in the 1st age. That one was very popular.

        Anyway, you’ve got a gift for story telling. I’ve read your “Swapping Stone” and “Into Her Body” . I left you a review under the pen name John Z. (Z is for Zapper . . . lol)

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