Switching Campus: A Multiple Body Swap Adventure

Switching Campus-Small

So excited to present my latest novella, full of hot swaps and hot sex! Check it out only on Amazon:

Frankie is a bully who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. When he finds a magic ring that lets him swap people into other bodies he uses it to create chaos. Along with his two buddies he roams campus swapping bodies at a whim and discarding them when he’s done.

Frankie’s got plans for the ring and he doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process, swapping whole classrooms just for fun. His two friends soon realize just how far gone Frankie is, but with Frankie’s new power how can they stop him?

This book contains 5 stories in 1, with story links off Frankie’s journey to follow some of the students who’ve been swapped as they get to know their new forms in short, erotic side journeys.

This 19,000 word novella contains multiple steamy, graphic descriptions of sex and body swaps between a teacher and student, males and females, female and female, african american and caucasian, boyfriend and girlfriend, and enemies.

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  1. I… I will order this when I get a hold of a Paypal account next 3 months or so… (It requires a paypal, ryt?)

    Btw, I just wanna say, Awesome man! Real Awesome.

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