Switched Up: Controlled by the Bully Part One (Preview)

I’m excited to share part one of my newest trilogy, a dark and twisted tale of mother-son body swapping, mind control and eroticism based on some of your most requested scenarios!

Switched Up: Controlled by the Bully Part One is now available on Smashwords .

UPDATE: Amazon just told me they’re refusing to publish it because, effectively, it’s too dark and taboo. (They don’t like forced control or incest.) So looks like this series is exclusively Smashwords.


I’m trapped in my mom’s buxom body, and mind controlled to obey the bully’s most depraved whims.

Douglas was a nerdy teen. Brandon was his tormentor. And when Brandon got his hands on two high-tech necklaces that could swap the bodies of the wearers AND control their minds, he set out to make Douglas’s life hell and fulfil ALL of his darkest desires with Douglas’s new body.

Now, trapped in a sexy body of a hot wife he can’t control, Douglas frantically tries to escape before the bully makes him do something unforgettably dirty. And possibly worst of all…Douglas is starting to enjoy his punishment.

Part One of a dark, twisted tale involving male to female body swapping, MILFs, mind control, forced feminization, forced masturbation and steamy erotic scenes.


Good.” Brandon said. “Looks like I got two little slaves. Go ahead, feel your neck.”

On his order, my hands came up to my neck and my fingers felt a cold metal band stretched across it. There were indentations in the band, like little wires or circuits.

This little thing lets me control you through that collar,” Brandon continued, holding up the thing in his hand I’d mistaken for a phone. It was about the size of a cell phone, and by the glow coming from I guessed it had some sort of digital screen. But I couldn’t see anything that was displayed on the screen from my angle. “I’ve also got a collar on your mom. It’s a whole family thing!”

My stomach dropped. If he’d done anything to my mom I’d kill him. As if reading my thoughts, he laughed.

Oh relax.” My hands fell to the bed, instantly relaxed. “I haven’t made her do anything. Yet. I’m going to make you do it.”

He fiddled with the device. There was a quick tingling through my body…and then I was suddenly in another room staring up at a different, but strangely familiar, ceiling. Brandon was gone. My whole room was gone, in fact.

I was lying on my back in a bed. That much I could tell. The bed was soft, and from the air gently wafting across my skin I could feel that my arms and legs were bare and out of the covers. A heavy weight pressed against the top and sides of my chest. From outside the room I could still hear Trixie’s muffled barking so I knew I was still in my house. I couldn’t move my body and I lay motionless on the bed as footsteps approached from outside the room. Then the door opened and I heard Brandon’s voice.

Douglas?” asked. I tried to respond but couldn’t, my body wouldn’t react to my thoughts. Brandon must have realized my trouble because after a pause he said, “Douglas, if that’s you say something.”

Something.” I said. If I hadn’t already been frozen in place I would have frozen in place upon hearing my voice. My deep base had been replaced by a softer, more feminine, alto. What had he done to me?

Awesome,” he smirked. “Sit up.”

I pushed myself into a sitting position and a pair of heavy breasts swung down in front of me as wavy brunette hair tickled down across my shoulders. I stared down at my new cleavage in complete shock. The breasts hanging from my body were huge, half covered by a hot pink spaghetti strap nightie. My curves dipped down beneath the top, leaving an amazingly deep valley of cleavage. The indentations of two nipples were visible beneath the top.

Below me, two bare legs stretched out down the bed. My thighs were thick but smooth, my crotch covered by a matching hot pink pair of boy shorts. My little toenails were painted a dark pink–my mom’s color.

And then I understood. He’d swapped me into my mom’s body. This was her soft skin I was in, her breasts I was staring down at, her bare legs stretching out down the bed beneath me.

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