Switched On (M2F Transformation)

Luke discovers a magic remote control that will turn him into whoever is onscreen when he pushes the button. But when he shares this discovery with his friends it results in a mad scramble that sees the remote smashing, leaving the four guys transformed and stuck as sexy celebrities in Switched On, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

“Wait. What? What do you mean? Change us back!” Daniel demanded, stamping Daisy’s foot.

“I don’t know how! The remote’s broken. Good job dickheads.” Luke pushed the waves of black hair back out of his eyes, again feeling that slimy jizz on his face.

“What the fuck do we do?” Kevin shrieked in the pop star’s musical voice.

“Where did you get this remote? Let’s go back there and get it fixed.” Daniel chimed in.

“Okay, okay. We’ll go back to the weird guy and fix it I just–” Luke stuck out his tongue, the odd salty taste still in his mouth. “I need to go wash myself off.”

He dropped the remote onto the couch and hurried away down the hallway to the bathroom, holding on to his breasts to stop them from bobbing so wildly with each step. The others paused, unsure what to do as Luke disappeared into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

Daniel broke the silence first, looking down at Daisy’s chest and grabbing his petite breasts.

“Cool,” he said, wiggling them in each hand.

“Dude, man, those are Daisy’s tits. Don’t be touching them,” Andre said, shooting him a look that was more adorable than angry when filtered through April’s cherubic face.

Daniel paused, hands on his breasts. “They’re not hers. She still has them. These are just copies. And these are all mine, baby.”

He unbuttoned his top and dropped it onto the floor before grabbing his breasts again, cooing as he fondled his fit but sensual body with fingers that were soft and delicate. Kevin watched him, a strange tingle making itself felt between his legs, a growing insistence to be touched. He looked down at himself, pulled the singer’s candy floss top away from his body so he could ogle her breasts. She did have a banging body. And it was his for now. And he was giving himself permission after all.

Andre gave his head a little toss to flick April’s blonde hair out of his eyes, hands on his hip as he watched the other two in embarrassment while they began began stroking themselves. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other, aware as he did so of the way his breasts moved, the way the air caressed his slender body. He still had his own desires, and seeing the two women in front of him fondling each other was making him hot and bothered.

Daniel smirked at Andre. “You’re welcome to join in whenever you want.”

Andre shook his head, defiantly ignoring the curious itch that had flared to life within him. Daniel shrugged and gathered up Daisy’s long blonde waves in one hand. He turned his back to Kevin and, holding his hair out of the way, asked Kevin to take off his bra. Kevin reached out and unclasped Daisy’s bra with trembling fingers. And then suddenly there she was. The Zombie Master herself. Source of many wonderful fantasies from his adolescence, standing topless in front of him. She had a half smile on her face, as if inviting Kevin over. Kevin moved closer and Daniel reached out, sliding delicate hands around Kevin’s body. The two pressed their lips together, and Andre watched as Daisy and Kelly made out.

Their kisses were soft and hesitant at first, exploring their new sensuality. They slowly grew in intensity as their bodies came together, hands sliding around each other’s soft new forms, groping, squeezing. And then they were in a mad rush of passion. Kevin opened his mouth wide and Daniel slipped his tongue in. Kelly tasted of candy, and her hands were both gentle and urgent on his bare breasts. Daniel found a zipper at the back of Kelly’s outfit and yanked it down. Kevin shrugged out of his top and the two women stopped to pull away and admire Kelly’s tits. She had gentle teardrop shaped breasts. The nipples were already erect, and Daniel lowered Daisy’s lips to suck on one.

Andre, watching from behind, was surprised to find his own hands creeping across his new body as he stared at the teenager and the twenty something pop singer kissing and fondling each other. Watching the two women make out was mesmerizing, the eroticism enhanced by the feel of his own soft new form. He let his fingers trail down April’s body, over her breasts, following the contours of her lithe body down her stomach and then over the silky fabric that covered her womanhood. Just pressing lightly against his white panties made his breath hitch in his throat as a rush of desire blew through him. Hadn’t he always wanted to touch April’s body ever since he’d seen her in the movies? He left his fingers there near his entrance, teasing himself, stroking slowly as Daisy and Kelly made out.

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