Swapping with his friend

Request: Can you do one were this guy named james takes this pill that swaps bodies. Then after he takes the pill he ends up in his friends body Kira and then cant help to masterbate in her body. If you can make the girl a brunette that would be great but no hard feels if you don’t find one ok.

Val Dodds


  1. “… And twice! And three times! And, as James was caressing Kira’s sexy skin towards another peak of arousal, the door to her apartment flew open to grant James’ male form access.

    Kira closed and locked the door behind himself then stripped James’ clothes from his body as she swaggered across the living room to let her hard cock reach out to her former face. “Well, you little prick; Since you’ve been taking the liberty of taking my body you might as well give me something back! How’bout you become the cock-sucker you should be, and then I’ll fuck your brains right back out of my body!”

    James did not object by any means. In fact, he made such good work of schlurping her schlong and soothing her sack that Kira’s knees buckled upon her first male orgasm. After that, however, she had to lay back on the couch and let Jamie slide ‘herself’ onto ‘his’ staff so that he could grind his pussy to another climax! Which, naturally, solidified both Ken’s cock and Jamie’s continued occupancy of his new womanhood. …”

    It could happen like that… Couldn’t it?!

  2. can you do one where Devin (18) wishes he could get to know Mahicen a hot Latina from class better then he ends up in her body just as she is about to have sex with a guy. little does he know that getting cum in his new pussy will make the change permenant

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