Swap Resort (Preview)

A boyfriend and girlfriend find themselves transformed into the opposite sex after checking in to Swap Resort, available on Smashwords, Amazon or Body Swap Stories.

Corey and Tina are boyfriend and girlfriend, tagging along with their friends to visit an exclusive resort. When the other couple leave them alone to check in, Corey and Tina eat the mint they find on their bed, not knowing that it will trigger a transformation.

In seconds, Corey finds himself turned into a busty Spanish MILF while Tina gets transformed into a dark-haired Adonis. Overwhelmed with their new hormones, they soon find themselves exploring their strange and wonderful bodies to the fullest. Corey experiences life with a beautiful bobbling figure, while Tina gets to experience the raw hard thrill of her powerful new body.

There’s plenty of fun to be had on the island, but Corey and Tina only have eyes — and other parts — for each other.

Corey collapsed into a wicker chair by the reception desk as his friends checked in. The resort lobby was airy, with faux-bamboo columns supporting a high roof. Huge windows along the far walls looked out at the pool and, beyond that, the beach. In the distance, small cabanas and beach umbrellas were dotted here and there. The whole motif really leaned into the island resort idea. But mostly Corey and his friend, Tina, sat in their chairs and gaped at the people.

“Oh my gawd,” Tina whispered in awe, as another solidly built man strolled through the doors. He had pecs that seemed to be chiseled in stone and movie star good looks.

Tina adjusted her glasses over her thin nose and rubbed her hands nervously. She was delicate and fragile, with wispy blonde hair and pale features. She always had a book in her hand, though now it lay forgotten in her lap as she stared at the other resort goers.

Every single person here was gorgeous. Corey, too, tried not to stare but it was like a fantasy come to life. He adjusted his sweaty shirt self-consciously while eyeing a particularly attractive brunette and her friend as they strolled in, giggling with each other. Their bodies were tucked into barely-there swimsuits that showed off the gentle slope of their breasts and clung to their perfect hourglass figures. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and no one else seemed to mind. One caught Corey staring and winked at him, then whispered something to her friend and they both giggled as they continued walking away.

“Don’t you think it’s weird?” Tina asked.

“What?” Corey said, his eyes tracing the curves of a nearby blonde.

“Everyone here,” Tina waved a hand around the lobby, “Is gorgeous.”

Corey shrugged, “I’m not gonna complain.”

“But I haven’t seen one single old person anywhere. No one who looks, well, normal. Except us. It’s like a resort for models. Are we in the wrong place?”

They were interrupted by their friend, Ned, calling them over. “Corey! Tina!”

The two sauntered over to the desk. Ned, pushed his thick glasses up his nose. His blue Polo was already spotted with sweat from the short walk from the parking lot and the sweat didn’t look nearly so attractive on him as it did when it glistened on the other rock hard bodies of the others around the lobby. Ned thrust a room key and some brochures into Corey’s hands.

“Our helicopter’s leaving soon so we’re going to leave our luggage with you and we’ll meet you back in the room.”

“I told you we shouldn’t have booked it so soon after the flight.” Ned’s girlfriend, Sarah, spoke up from beside him. Sarah had bleached blonde hair and a perpetual look of bemusement on her face. She was the organized one of the pair, always adjusting for Ned’s flighty mistakes.

Ned waved her away. “I didn’t know our plane would get delayed.”

“That’s why I said…nevermind.” She sighed, and hoisted one of their backpacks onto her sun-kissed shoulders. “Come on, we have to go.”

“Right.” He turned back to Ned and Tina. “We’ll meet you later. Read those brochures, they’re very important!” Ned said, hurrying after Sarah, leaving Corey and Tina alone in the lobby with a mountain of luggage.

Their friends, Ned and Sarah, were always doing things like this. Making grand plans and inviting Corey and Tina along, only to run off and do something Corey and Tina couldn’t afford at the last minute.

A bellboy appeared, dressed in the sharp tan and blue uniform matching the resort’s color scheme. Although calling him a bellboy was doing him a disservice. He was a bellman. The uniform was nearly painted on to his solid body and he arched one eyebrow at Tina as he spoke.

“I’ll take you to your rooms.” He said in a deep, baritone voice.

Tina reddened at the eye contact and looked down bashfully. Corey thought it was probably the first time anyone so good looking had ever given her a second thought. He liked Tina but she wasn’t conventionally attractive. Sort of mousy, in fact, like himself. The bellhop manhandled the luggage onto a cart and pushed it outside and down the white limestone path, Corey and Tina in tow.

Corey wiped the sweat that dripped down the side of his face and ran his hands through his blonde curls. Everyone they passed seemed to be idealized examples of certain body types. Here was a tanned surfer, wearing only board shorts to expose his rippling abs; there was a curvy housewife, hair up in a bun, her round breasts bouncing beneath her sundress with each step; over there were a couple of perky blonde cheerleaders, mini-skirts flapping in the breeze, the name of some college emblazoned across their ample chests.

The bellhop saw Corey staring and grinned. “You two ever been here before?”

Tina shook her head, eyes wide and fixed on the bellhop’s handsome face. He chuckled. “You’re in for a good time. Those brochures you’ve got will explain the basics and if you need any help just call the front desk.”

Corey nodded absently.

“Here we are,” The bellhop said, swiping his keycard through the reader on the door to their unit.

He held the door open for them as they walked inside. The place was white and clean and immaculate. One door near the far end led off to the master bedroom at the back, while two doors on the other wall each lead to separate bedrooms. Big picture windows looked out onto the nearby jungle, where multicolored birds flitted through the thick canopy.

Corey poked his head into the master bedroom. On the bed were two squares that resembled mints wrapped in foil, except one was pink and one was blue. There had been nothing on his bed, and Ned and Sarah weren’t big sweet eaters. Besides, they got the helicopter flight, the least they could do is give Corey their mint. So Corey scooped them up and unwrapped the pink one, hoping it was cherry flavored. He popped it into his mouth. It did have a sweet, cherry flavor, and it quickly dissolved on his tongue. Returning to the living room, he found the bellhop finishing with the luggage, his muscles rippling as he easily picked up the heavy suitcases and placed them on the floor.

“All right, folks, have a pleasant day.” The bellhop said, before tipping his hat and closing the door behind him.

Corey offered the blue mint to Tina. “Ned and Sarah got mints on their pillow but we didn’t.”

“Maybe they paid for the deluxe package.”

Corey snorted laughter. “Yeah. Probably hundred dollar mints. You want one?”

Tina blew her blonde hair out of her eyes. “Yeah, all right.” She took the blue one, unwrapped it and popped it in her mouth.

They each hauled their suitcases into their rooms. Corey lay his suitcase on the floor and unzipped it to hunt for his bathing suit. He threw it onto the bed and decided to wheel the suitcase into the closet and out of the way. Opening the closet door, he found someone else’s clothes were already there. A few button down shirts and slacks hung from some clothes hangers on one side of the closet. On the other side hung some dresses, a blouse or two, and some women’s swimsuits, including a black one-piece swimsuit and a pink bikini. Corey paused. Strange that someone else’s clothes were left here after the rest of the place seemed so tidy. Corey started to push the slacks aside to make room for his suitcase and paused, his arm outstretched, fingers pressing against the cool silk fabric. There was something off about his arm, Nothing obvious that he could see at first, just a feeling in his mind that the arm he’d had his entire life was different somehow. He peered at it closely and saw the fine dark hair that covered his forearms was rippling, even though there was no breeze. No, he realized as he watched, the hair wasn’t rippling. It was shrinking, drawing itself into his body.

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