Swap Brothel (M2F Swap) – Preview

The swap brothel offers a chance for people to temporarily become any of the girls on offer for a price. Tyler’s been a regular for months, swapping into his favorite big breasted beauty, Mia, and enjoying himself. But one day while he’s inside Mia she escapes with his body, leaving him trapped in her gorgeous body until the police can find her. Can he escape before her desires become his own? Available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Later that morning, Tyler gave his presentation, keenly aware of all the eyes on him. He managed to get through it, his voice hitching only once when he cast his eye around the room and saw a young guy sitting on one of the chairs against the wall. A junior assistant to someone or other that hadn’t been remarkable or important enough for Tyler to notice before. But that morning there’d been a shock of warmth when he’d locked eyes with him, the same ‘god I want her’ feeling he’d had when seeing an insanely beautiful woman. The young man had a swoop of dark hair and intense green eyes that seemed to bore deep into Tyler. A brief flash of Tyler’s dainty hands running through his hair, their bodies crushed together, flashed through his mind before he broke eye contact and continued with his presentation. He sat down, glancing throughout the meeting back at the young guy. As the meeting broke up, Tyler saw the guy going away with Lester back up to Finances.

Tyler tried to forget about him. When that didn’t work, Tyler closed the door to his office and stroked himself to thoughts of them together. Yanking down his pants and panties, he circled his fingers across his little clit, feeling the pressure building through him. He got so close but it wasn’t enough, and in the end he was left wet and horny and frustrated.

Tyler made his way up to the Finance department on the floor above, taking the roundabout way to Lester’s office until he passed the young man in one of the cubicles. He noted the location and proceeded in to Lester’s office, making up some bullshit about rescheduling a meeting. He left a minute or two later, returning to the young man’s desk, where he stopped, pretending a thought had just occurred to him. He leaned on the cubicle and looked down at the young man.

“You were in the meeting this morning, right?”

The young man turned to look up at him. He was young, probably early twenties, in an off the rack suit with a European cut that hugged his body. Even with the suit Tyler could see he was well built. Probably had some sort of athletic background. God those eyes. That chin. Tyler had to have him, and he always got what he wanted.

“Yes,” the young man nodded.

“I thought so. What’s your name?”

“Uh, Andrew.”

“Andrew. Come with me, Andrew, I want to get your thoughts on something.”

Tyler turned without waiting for a response. Andrew followed Tyler back to his office. Tyler locked the door and pulled down the blinds, then turned to Andrew, who was standing uncomfortably in the middle of the room. Tyler approached him, the delightful scent of Andrew’s spicy cologne tempting him as he got close up. Andrew was a good head taller than him, with a solid frame and chiseled good looks. Mia’s body hungered for him.

“If you tell anyone about this, I will destroy you.” Tyler growled, before grabbing Tyler’s lapels and pulled him forward, planting their lips together.

Andrew was frozen with indecision for a beat as Tyler kissed furiously, and then Andrew opened his mouth and kissed back, welcoming Tyler’s tongue inside as his solid hands reached around and clasped Tyler’s waist. Tyler slid his tongue deeper into Andrew’s warm mouth, tracing the contours of his teeth as he groped at Andrew’s suit, pressing his body up against Andrew’s chest, desperate with need.

Their hands flew up and down each other, petting, groping. Tyler found Andrew’s manhood growing beneath his pants and growled, throaty with desire. Mia’s body was so goddamn horny Tyler couldn’t stop himself if he tried. There was an animalistic need forcing him to cling to Andrew, mouths together, arms entwined. Tyler scrabbled for Andrew’s belt buckle, ripping it open and yanking down his pants, before pushing Andrew back into one of the leather chairs by the table.

Tyler was on his knees in an instant, Andrew’s erection right in front of him. He grasped it, the welcome warmth of the shaft filling his fingers while he stroked, enchanted at the sight of Andrew’s dick in Mia’s slim fingers. He sent Mia’s little fingers up and down the shaft as Andrew stared down at him in awe. Mia’s impulses drove him on and he lowered his mouth to Andrew’s cock, opening his lips wide to wrap them around the veiny shaft. Fuck, Andrew tasted divine. Warm and masculine, his dick filling Tyler’s mouth as he drove slowly down and up, pausing every now and then to pull off and lick slowly from base to tip until the cock was glazed with his saliva. A drop of precum appeared at the tip of Andrew’s swollen head and Tyler licked it off. Delicious. It fit so perfectly in Mia’s mouth, drove his body crazy in just the right way.

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