Supposed to

He was supposed to be just shepherding his daughter's body through college for this semester while she searched for a way to swap them back. He was supposed to keep his head down and study. And he was definitely not to have sex.
But, oh, how Arnold ached for Cal.
It must have been some residual desire of his daughter's mind, some impulse of his feminine body, because Arnold had never wanted a man before. Arnold touched himself at night, in the darkness, when he could pretend it wasn't his daughter's breasts he was stroking, that it wasn't her pussy he was fingering as he imagined Cal on top of him.
And then one day Arnold invited Cal over to his dorm for a study session. Studying became kissing, then petting, and before Arnold knew it he was naked and being gripped in Cal's arms, his own hands clutching the masculine chest as his daughter's nipples spiked out in desire. He raised one smooth leg in the air, where it was held by solid arms as something hot and firm slid into Arnold's wet entrance.
Arnold moaned as Cal's cock pushed into his wetness, meeting the pressure there that soon gave as Arnold's pussy lips parted and welcomed the hot shaft inside him. He gasped lightly as Cal's cock plunged in, filling him. They moved together faster as they built up a rhythm until Arnold was leaning up against the wall as Cal fucked him deep and slow.
Arnold clutched him, urging him on as fire played through his body until they both came together, Arnold's pussy quivering around Cal's dick as he was filled with hot cum.
Arnold's daughter never did figure out why they couldn't swap back.

A man’s mind gets stuck in the body of his alluring coworker and he slowly gains control, changing her life to fit his desires in Out of His Mind, available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.

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  1. Can you do another one like your Showered with Affection Mother/Son caption where it’s the mom and the son swap but become arroused by each other in their bodies and just passionately fuck?

  2. Hello I am a follower, and I love your work but I have a request if you could put the text of the chaps below to translate it by copy and paste because I do not speak much English and to translate it on my own is a headache

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