Student Teacher (M2F Body Theft) Preview

My latest book is a classic student/teacher swap called, appropriately, Student Teacher, and is now available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview below.

Chris is an artist who feels like he’s wasted his entire life and is now stuck as a teacher. Lauren is a naive young cheerleader with her whole life ahead of her who’s devastated after being dumped by her boyfriend. Now, Chris has figured out a way to swap their bodies and get a second chance at life, but this time in the body of the hot young blonde he’s been pining after. He’s just got to trick Lauren to going along with the plan until he can make the swap permanent.

Lauren’s got to deal with navigating her teacher’s relationship with his girlfriend, while Chris enjoys navigating a new relationship with Lauren’s hot young coed friend.

Can Lauren figure out how to swap them back? Or will Chris get away with stealing her life, and enjoying her body to the fullest?

This 10,000+ word story contains male to female, and female to male body swaps, and intense erotic scenes featuring oral, girl on girl, and couple play.

The rest of school was a breeze. Lauren’s classes weren’t exactly challenging. I mean, I can bullshit with the best of them and running circles around the arguments of the other students in English was no problem. The main issue was not looking too smart. I was aware of Lauren’s limits and for the moment decided to live within them. She was pretty but, frankly, not that bright. Maybe in the future I could show off my brains and my beauty. What a change from my dull, stuck-in-a-grind life.

Amber drove me back to Lauren’s place after school in her Jeep. Neither Lauren’s parents nor her brother were home. After loading up on snacks we retreated to Lauren’s bedroom.

“Welcome home,” Amber said, flouncing onto the bed.

I looked around in awe. Lauren was such a girly girl and her room was decorated in soft hues of pink and cream. It was neat, everything tucked away. I pulled open a few drawers, took stock of variety of clothes waiting for me. The closet was full of dresses and skirts and blouses and tops all arranged by color. Lauren’s room was like her: pretty but simple, devoid of anything challenging. Plenty of room for me to fill her body with my own personality.

“It looks just like your pictures,” I marveled, taking a seat next to Amber. She chomped on a strawberry and grinned at me. “This is going to be so easy. I can’t imagine how hard it was for you without knowing anything.”

“Well,” Amber shrugged, “Teenagers change. And nobody would ever suspect that Amber and I swapped bodies. The whole thing sounds crazy.”

I didn’t suspect it,” I said.

“I know,” Amber smiled, dimples lighting up as she displayed her perfect, white teeth.

“So where’s the new Eric Kingston now?”

“In a home? In jail? Who cares? That’s not me anymore. This is me.” Amber sat up on the bed next to me. “And this is you,” she said, plucking at my top, “A blonde hottie with the world at her fingers.”

“And this is us.” I said.

I leaned towards Amber, her beautiful face filling my vision as our lips met. I closed my eyes and sank into her kiss, tasting her sweet cherry lips. She giggled and brought her hand up to my cheeks, stroking me as she opened her mouth wide and welcomed my tongue. I explored the gentle contours of her mouth, running my tongue along hers, across the tips of her teeth and the roof of her mouth. My nose pressed against her soft cheek and the delicious girly scent of her overwhelmed me. I slipped one hand behind her back as I pressed my body closer, our kisses growing ever more urgent.

Lauren’s body was amazingly responsive to my commands, eager to obey my desires. Eric had confirmed that his sexual orientation had remained the same despite the change in gender, and it seemed I was the same. Amber was a girl-next-door kind of cute and I desperately wanted to see her naked. Hell, I wanted to see both of us naked. My whole body was warming gently, a pulsing heat beginning between my legs and cycling throughout my body, weak but growing stronger, more insistent with every caress of Amber’s fingers along my cheeks, every sigh that escaped her lips.

Amber pulled back, her cheeks already flushed, her dark almond-shaped eyes wide and sparkling. “Let’s get a look at you,” she said.

She helped me peel off my top, my breasts bouncing as she lifted the tee over my head and tossed it onto the floor. I looked down at myself, at Lauren’s bra holding the breasts I’d been coveting for so long. My tits were round and full and perfect, the curves disappearing into the plain white cups. Beneath the amazing curves, the tawny-ochre skin of my bare mid-section was visible.

I brushed the hair out of my eyes and reached around to try to unhook the bra. It was difficult from this new angle and soon Amber helped out, giggling as she made me turn so she could unhook my bra.

“You’re going to have to learn how to do this on your own,” Amber said, slipping the straps down my arms.

I didn’t answer. Couldn’t answer. I’d pulled the bra off my body and was staring down at the most perfect breasts I’d ever seen. Fuck, they were gorgeous. Bouncy and full. The little apple-pink nipples already spiking out with excitement. And they were mine. Mine to touch and hold. Mine to squeeze. Mine to jiggle and play with. And I did so with gusto, taking a breast in each hand and feeling up Lauren’s body. They filled each hand, big without being monstrous. Goddamn, my tits felt so wonderful as I played with them, tiny fingers circling around the supple skin.

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