Student Body (M2F Swap) Preview

A teacher swaps bodies with his sexy blonde student in Student Body, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview below.

Jeff is a sixty year old high school teacher who’s disappointed with his life. Heather is the gorgeous, popular cheerleader with her whole future ahead of her. But when ancient magic causes the two to accidentally swap bodies, Jeff finds himself back in high school, and in the body of a petite blonde sexpot.

Heather’s body reacted on instinct, stretching up on tippy toes and melding to Phil’s frame. The resulting flush of excitement that shot through Jeff made Heather’s previous reaction to Chloe seem positively PG. All at once, Jeff could feel his breathing turn shallow and Heather’s nipples raising into sharp spikes. God, this girl was combustible; one kiss and she was ready to melt.

And Phil clearly knew what her body was looking for, because he broke off the kiss and whispered, “Got to be patient, baby.” His hand on Jeff’s back strayed a little lower and slid down over the curve of his plump ass. “You know the rules; no sex until after the game.”

He ran.

He wasn’t proud of it. It certainly wasn’t dignified but it was the only thing he could think to do. He’d thrown a hasty, “Ok, so, umm… Sorry, gotta go,” at Phil and Chloe, and had bolted for the door. Racing to the parking lot, he’d jumped into Heather’s sporty little Audi. He hadn’t even bothered looking up Heather’s address, just let Heather’s muscle memory guide him home.

His heart hadn’t stopped pounding until he arrived at Heather’s house, confirmed that no one was home and raced upstairs to Heather’s room.

Locking the door, he forced himself to take a deep breath, trying to get Heather’s libido under control but his skin felt too hot, too tight.

He needed a distraction before he lost it and went to town on Heather’s body. This wasn’t his body, wasn’t his life, it wouldn’t be right to enjoy himself as this body was desperately urging him to do. Maybe a cold shower would help. But that would involve getting naked. He would have to go quick.

He gripped the bottom of his shirt and took a deep breath, then yanked it off over his head, sending his tits bouncing. His blonde hair blew wildly across his face as he shimmied out of his shorts, little ass shaking back and forth. He twisted around and unhooked Heather’s bra, brushed back her blonde hair from his eyes and—oh god—he found himself staring down at her breasts. They were firm and ripe, two perfect teardrops hanging from her chest, little goosebumps breaking out across her smooth golden skin. Jeff yanked down his panties, causing his breasts to sway hypnotically. His tiny body was so limber, so unbelievably silky smooth and perfect. His breath hitched in his throat as he saw Heather’s pussy for the first time. Between his legs was a perfect triangle of golden hair pointing directly towards his slit.

With an effort, Jeff dragged his eyes away from her body and hurried to the bathroom, tits swaying with every step. He might have made it to the shower if he hadn’t had to pass the bathroom mirror, but he froze at the sight of this naked, blonde cheerleader, her nubile body paused mid-stride as his eyes wandered over his new form. There was an instant where he tried to look away furtively, as if afraid of getting caught, before he realized that he would never be caught looking. He could stare at Heather’s beautiful body all he wanted and no one would ever stop him. Oh, they might think Heather was a bit of a narcissist, but they would never suspect that it was Jeff inside her body, eyeing her, imagining all the ways he could fuck himself.

And he could do it, too.

He placed his hands on the counter and leaned towards the mirror, until his nose was nearly touching the glass. It was his first time looking, really looking, at Heather. He took his time, admiring her tiny upturned nose, the sharp, delicately plucked eyebrows above her clear blue eyes, the tiny freckles on the bridge of her nose, the little mole beneath her ear, the tiny dimple that appeared when she smiled, like now. And god, what a smile, enigmatic and enticing, like she had a secret just for him. He ran his fingers along her face, enjoying her baby-soft skin, tracing the contours of his brow, the little curved nostrils, reveling in he fact that he was in her body and he could explore to his heart’s content.

He stood back and looked down at his magnificent breasts. His hands were trembling as he brought them to her chest, filled by an awe of wish fulfillment, like a long-awaited Christmas present being unwrapped. And when he touched her tits, wrapped his fingers around her tender flesh, cupped her tits in each hand—utter bliss. “Fuuuck,” he breathed in her light voice as he stroked his new breasts with dainty fingers, looking down from his new perspective at the boobs hanging from his chest, then back to the mirror to watch Heather stroking her tits, lust written across her face. Little jolts of electricity flitted down his spine. He tickled his breasts, caressing himself, fingers whispering across his sensitive skin, lightly plucking his nipple and releasing it, watching the taut flesh snap back into place, watching the nipple spike out in pleasure. God, she was gorgeous, and her body would do anything he wanted.

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